Paige hits back at the fan who criticizes how the WWE allows her women to dress


WWE women have a huge magnifying glass on them with the progression of the Women's Revolution. Currently stars like Rousey Rousey, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and The Bellas are some of the biggest stars in WWE. WWE even made its first female pay-per-view, Evolution, last month.

Of course, there will always be criticism from fans in social media. That was the case yesterday of the current General Manager of SmackDown Live Paige. A fan posted a clip of Evolution's backstage video, in which Paige revealed that she changed her name with JoJo to stand next to the Hall Of Famer Lita in a photo:

" I just wanted to be next ..

"You're right "

A fan then left a comment on Paige's response, criticizing WWE for the way they "do" their women's outfits:

"Wwe is a bad company for you that makes women dressed in clothes that make them look like prostitutes and that's not what we need for WWE, we need women to respect your body"

Paige did not let it fall, and she gave the following answer:

"We're dressed the way we want to dress, we're not coerced or forced to dress as something other than what we feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful." Men technically show more skin than women. makes "prostitutes" or "

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