ONE CHAMPION: This is Life & # 39; – Eduard Folayang In Loss Of World Title For Shinya Aoki


This is life - Folayang in the loss of world title for Aoki

"It's his night. It's a lesson to me not to be complacent in anything, although we all know that ground play is your area of ​​expertise. "

Former lightweight world champion Eduard "Landslide" Folayang has been in this position before, and it is something he has always found a way out.

Folayang, who had never been submitted in his career, was put to sleep by his former rival Shinya "Tobikan Judan" Aoki in the main event of ONE: A NEW ERA on Sunday, March 31.

In front of a crowded crowd at the iconic Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan, the city hero defeated "Landslide" through an arm triangle midway through the first round to claim the World Lightweight Championship.

For the Baguio, 35-year-old, soft-spoken, that's the nature of the game.

"It's not our night. I made a big mistake on my part. Although I know that when Shinya gets the chance to fall, he will not be missing out on that, "Folayang admitted.

"I think my main fault was trying to escape from his side carelessly – that's where he capitalized and put the stranglehold.

"It was very tight and it held up well. He was not going to let it go as he sank deeply.

Folayang has no regrets.

Team Lakay veteran believed he had a brilliant strategy for the Japanese legend, but it turned out that Aoki did a better job on Sunday night.

"Actually, I had a good game plan. I was teasing him and I feel he was feeling comfortable with his aggression. However, he immediately went to the fall when he was cut off, "Folayang explained.

"It's his night. It's a lesson to me not to be complacent in anything, although we all know that ground play is your area of ​​expertise. "

In addition, with the fans next to Aoki, it was difficult for the Folayang to win any time.

"Landslide" thought it was going to be one of two things – Aoki succumbing to the pressure of appearing in front of his compatriots in the A championship cage for the first time, or the submission artist being inspired even more.

What happened was the last, which turned out to be disastrous for Folayang.

"He got his trust from the crowd in Tokyo," continued the Filipino.

"Like what I said, the crowd is a double-edged sword for him – it could be an advantage or an additional pressure. It turns out my prediction was right [regarding the crowd reaction], but not on our side.

While Folayang will not return to the Philippines with his belt around his waist, he remains in high spirits.

Now he's on the return track – just like he was last year.

"It's just a matter of learning," he offered. "Is life".


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