Official Trailer of the Medieval Slasher Mordhau Launched by Triternion


Mordhau is a medieval battler who allows 64 people to engage in visceral fighting.

Mordhau is a new multiplayer fighter by Triternion developer who aims to put players in the place of medieval warriors in 64-player battles. The game looks like it could go in the vein of For honor and Kingdom Comes: Liberation like games that embrace the visceral combat of medieval battles. Watch the trailer below.

The trailer shows a combat that looks shocking. Each blow seems to have weight and break-up happens frequently. As players confront each other in brutal battles, they have some options on how to deal with enemies.

Some different weapons are seen in the trailer. Obviously, swords and shields are readily available, but they are far from the only option. Giant spears, spears and maces appear in the trailer, along with horse-based combat. There is also a short scene of an archer shooting arrows at an enemy's head. All options seem feasible and fun.

The developers mention on their page several different modes. In addition to the standard Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes, there is one called Frontline, which features siege weapons. There is also a Dispute mode, in which each player has only one life, which could be an interesting addition to Frontline mode.

The game will also feature a Battle Royale mode of 64 people, where you will try to absorb the battlefield with the blood of 63 other players. Mordhau is not all-competitive, as it also includes a co-op mode of the Horde, where players fight against waves of AI enemies.

Mordhau is coming to the PC on April 29, 2019.


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