NFA rice sold to DSWD, NGOs with P10 per kilo


The National Food Authority (NFA)
will now sell rice at a higher price of P37 per kilo to the government
agencies and private entities, particularly those involved in
operations, to avoid incurring additional losses.

Secretary of Agriculture Emmanuel F.
Piñol said that the NFA Board approved the increase in the price of rice sold for
local and national government agencies and non-governmental organizations
(NGOs) for P10 per kilogram of the current P27 per kilo.

Some of the agencies include
Department of Social Assistance and Development and the Office of Civil Defense,
which NFA source the rice they distribute in relief operations.

The increase in the sale price
would allow the NFA to balance or even gain a weight per kilogram, since the
agency is now producing rice at a higher cost after its purchase price for
Local palay was increased in October 2018, Piñol said.
Piñol added that Filipino
consumers in 40 identified poor areas would still have access to
Rice P27 per kilogram as the NFA will continue to sell the subsidized staple in
their areas in accordance with the directive of President Duterte.

"Let's keep our market
10 percent participation rate in the surgical areas. We will not operate in
areas where there is a surplus of rice stocks, "he said in an interview
reporters last week.

"We will focus on net imports
provinces and areas such as the Manila metropolitan area and the island provinces. We will
continue to release NFA rice to these markets at P27 per kilogram, even after we
We consumed our imported rice stocks because the president ordered the
the poor should still have access to affordable commodities, "he added.

NFA will partner with
government units in the establishment of "Bigasan ng Bayan" or rice shops in the 40
areas identified to facilitate the faster distribution of staple foods, Piñol said.

Under the rice trade
liberalization law, the NFA was deregulated and reduced to a buffer
stocking agency, whose rice supply comes only from local farmers.

Rice stocks imported from the NFA
will last until September, the end of the time of scarcity or the period in which the
The country has a limited production of palay, Piñol said.

The NFA has been aggressive in
get palay from local farmers since their purchase price has been effectively increased
to P20, 70 per kilo in October 2018.

Earlier, the NFA said it had
has already bought 4 million bags of 50 kilograms of husked rice in May, or more than
quarter of its acquisition target for 2019, reinforcing
that the farmers find their purchase price attractive.

The food agency said that
The acquisition of 201,250 tonnes of Palay from 20 May has already eclipsed
the 71,420 bags (3,571 MT) of rice bought in the first five months of 2018.

The NFA said that it has
4,025 million bags on May 20, which already surpasses the 71,420 bags that
the food agency bought in the period from January to May last year.

The acquisition of the food agency in
in the first five months is 27.83 percent of its goal of 14.46 million bags, or
MT 723,000 for 2019.

Your new goal is almost double your
the original purchase target of 7.78 million bags, or 389,000 metric tons, by 2019.
is also significantly higher than 1.24 million bags, or 62,000 MT,
bought by the farmers' food agency last year.


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