Networks to Extend Atkinson, Staff Training


Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson and his assistant coaches are nearing completion of contract extensions, league sources told ESPN.

Atkinson and his team must have signed deals with the Nets in the near future, league sources said.

Atkinson inspired league-wide praise for the tenacity and improvement his Nets teams showed in their nearly three seasons at work.

This season, Atkinson led the Nets in a return to the playoffs for the first time since 2015. General manager Sean Marks and Atkinson worked together to rebuild the franchise through precise personal decisions, strong player development, and a reshaped organizational environment.

The Nets have 39 wins and 39 points and struggles for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Atkinson improved from 20 to 28 wins in his first two seasons.

Atkinson was an eight-year NBA assistant – four seasons, each with the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks – before Marks signed him with the Nets in 2016.


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