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Moises Padilla deputy mayor does not trust city policemen

"WALA ko na salig il ila (I do not trust them.)"

This was the reaction highlighted by Moises Padilla's deputy mayor, Ella Celestina Garcia-Yulo, in Negros Occidental when asked if she is satisfied with the investigation of the city's police officers after the death of her brother and nephew in an ambush in Barangay Inolingan on April 25. .

Garcia-Yulo, in a press interview on Saturday, April 27, at the Rolling Hills Memorial Park in Bacolod City, where his brother, José Marcelino Garcia, was cremated, said he could not talk to police about the incident.

On April 25, the vice mayor's brother, along with his nephew, councilman José Antonio Garcia, was attacked with no less than 20 unidentified armed men after coming from a campaign outing.

Garcia-Yulo said he is urging police in Negros and even in Western Visayas to relieve police Maj. Junji Liba, the city's police chief, and other police officers for lack of confidence.

She said she wants the investigation to be dealt with directly by the West Western Police Provincial Office (NOCPPO) or the Regional Police Office (PRO) – Western Visayas.

For his part, Brigadier General John Bulalacao, director of PRO-Western Visayas in Iloilo City, in a telephone interview with SunStar Bacolod on Sunday, April 28, said Liba, and 24 police officers will be relieved soon after the recent murders in the City.

Bulalacao said he made the decision to put order in the city.

He, however, said he has not yet talked to the deputy mayor since the incident happened because he knows the Garcia family is still in shock with what happened.

"I did not intentionally talk to her at the time," he said.

Bulalacao said that the city police will be transferred to another area far from Moises Padilla.

"I do not know yet whether they will stay in Negros or move in the Panay area. It still depends on my assessment," he added.

Bulalacao said that the Nocppo or PRO-Western Visayas police will replace them.

However, he has not yet revealed the effectiveness of the order, as he is about to obtain authorization from the Electoral Commission (Comelec).

The city was previously declared by Comelec an area of ​​immediate concern under the red category after the death of re-election counselor Jolomar Hilario in an attack in the same village on March 31.

The Provincial Joint Security Control Center (PJSCC) consisting of Comelec, the Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police (PNP) recently recommended putting the city under the control of Comelec after the ambush incident.

Meanwhile, Libya said that possible relief is only part of the normal procedure in the police organization.

He reiterated that the move was to prevent them from carrying more burdens.

"No one wanted that to happen. We did our part to respond immediately to the request for assistance and to file a criminal complaint against the people behind the attack, "Liba said.

We do not want others to misunderstand that the relief is because we have lapses, when, in fact, we have done our work to resolve the case, he added.

Libya said he will follow the order of the upper office.

On the other hand, the deputy mayor said he has not yet sent a communication to the President's Office to seek help after what happened in the city.

Despite what happened, Garcia-Yulo said he will continue the campaign to make a change in the city.

It is appealing to its constituents to never be afraid, to exercise their rights and to vote for the right candidate to lead the city peacefully.

Additional police and military security were provided to the deputy mayor after the ambush incident.


Meanwhile, the deputy mayor did not comment on the decision of the Provincial Promoter's Office to release Councilor Agustin "Nene" Grande III, Friday, April 26, after he was marked behind the ambush when he was identified by the wife of dead. brother of the deputy mayor, allegedly speaking to one of the gunmen.

Big, according to police, denied the allegations against him.

Based on the provincial prosecutor's resolution, "this office finds insufficient the legal and factual basis of the police officers holding an arrest without warrant against him."

"The allegation of witnesses that Grande was merely seen talking to a suspect identified with direct involvement in the crime, within compound moments prior to the incident in question, is merely a mere suspicion that he can not justify an arrest without warrant against him." resolution said.

However, a homicide complaint was filed against Joe Cezar, a member of the city's Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT).

He was linked to the murder after he allegedly admitted to authorities that he provided shelter for the armed group that remained in the village for a month and left the area when the attack happened, according to police colonel Romeo Baleros, director of Nocppo.

His statement, however, was not attested by his lawyer.

The prosecutor, based on a ruling, affirms the validity of the arrest without warrant against Cezar, but he chose to resort to the preliminary investigation. He was given 10 days to submit his counter-testimonial.

In addition, five other people who were identified behind the murder remain free, and 23 men will also face the same complaint for the crime.

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