K-Pop Choice of the Day: Zimzalabim


Track: Zimzalabim | Artist: Red Velvet | Album: The ReVe Festival

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Red Velvet, which is fast becoming one of my favorite artists of all time, has just released its new title track, Zimzalabim. And it's … hmm.

Part of the reason I'm struggling to encapsulate my feelings for Zimzalabim is, I think, because the music is literally everywhere. Reminds me of Girls Generation I got a boy in this respect (a song that ended up growing in me).

The transition from the post-chorus instrumental pause to back and forth (at 2:15) is especially acute, and not in a totally positive way. It's almost as if the deal had given up being cohesive for a few brief seconds. The choir, in general, lacks any scope; hell Zimzalabim does Rookie Sounds like Bohemian Rhapsody.

I like the progression we see in the chorus; the final repetition is higher than the others, to follow Wendy's high notes in the section of the immediately preceding bridge. The recurring snare drums in the background give the whole band a triumphant and somewhat frenetic tone. My favorite part, however, has to be the almost imperceptible three-note piano phrase heard during the introduction at 0:10, and again at 0:14 some notes below, even weaker this time (to the point of existing little). ). These three notes promise much about Zimzalabim: slightly bourgeois, a bit playful, a bit grumpy. Too bad the rest of the song is not so different.


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