For those who do not vote: Ping Lacson explains his list


MANILA – Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson gave a hint of his non-voting list for senators, citing the supposed undesirable characteristics of the candidates.

Lacson gave "general descriptions" of candidates in their tweets and encouraged voters to "be careful when electing their candidates and you should avoid people like these as described."

The 10 tweets – subtitled "Candidates Who Will not Get My Vote" – were made in March.

During the interview, Lacson said the first candidate in which he did not vote had seen his unpopulated calamity fund of 1.6 billion pounds at a local government unit where a family member is mayor. He asked the responsible person to buy blankets for P7,000 each when the original market value of the item was only P700 per piece.

"Whoever in his right mind will allow or vote for someone in the character. This information was relayed to me by the affected person, he resigned along the way. Siya yung pipirma, "Lacson said in an interview with ANC's Headstart.

Lacson explained that he was not referring to Senate Francis Tolentino's bet.

He declined to mention the candidate's name, but added that more or less voters already have an idea about who the person is.

"When I file suit against this person, they will know who he is. I am putting together the necessary documents, "he said.

Lacson described Candidate no. 2 as a "lazy idiot" because his campaign promises include passage of a bill at the 17th Congress that was already legislated and sanctioned recently by the president.

"Magbasa ka naman bago ka magsalita. You are a candidate, you are selling yourself to the voter dapat naman may laman sinasabi mo hindi yung just ka na magang lang declaration of exit, "he said.

Candidate No 3 has a bitter tongue, he tweeted. "When he exposes his list of hate traits, he has no idea that he is at the top of this list. He seems fun at times, but is not eligible. "

Meanwhile, face, smile, character, credentials, defense of the candidate does not. 4 are all false, Lacson tweeted. "This candidate does not deserve a false vote."

The fifth candidate, Lacson said, looks like she is trying to implement the law and not legislate when she speaks during public debates or forums.

"She is lost and confused and confused and losing the voters. It could very well run in 2022, "he said.

His nominee # 6 interprets the victim as his main campaign appeal. "But in his heart, he knows he's the predator – having taken advantage of public funds. He is very good at both.

Lacson said the candidate did not. 7 is a certified "balance" while the Candidate in the. 8 may end up as stand-up comedian after the elections.

Lacson admitted that "it was Bato," or Ronald Dela Rosa whom he referred to as Candidate No. 8.

But he said he admires Dela Rosa when he stood firm and boldly faced Otso Diretso's candidates during the last debate.

Candidate does not need to win badly, Lacson tweeted, and he does not care if he talks about fake facts.

Finally, the candidate does not. 10 was not declared as a nuisance candidate by the Election Commission, he said.

"But who would want to vote for an undeclared nuisance? Too bad being boring is no reason for disqualification, "he tweeted.


Meanwhile, the senator hopes to see some newly elected senators say that this would be "good for the Senate."

"Kung mababalik yung 6 + 1, plus Senator Bam [Aquino]"If you want to keep a re-electionist, that will be good for the Senate since leaving Gumanda," Lacson said.

The majority block, he said, has agreed to help colleagues seeking re-election because they are already familiar with their work ethic.

"We know how they work. Minsan nakaka-relax kami, because young people, and lawmakers who work hard are the ones who live at home and we know that firsthand, nakikita namin how they work and we want to maintain the status quo as much as possible, "he said.

Senators Grace Poe, Nancy Binay, Cynthia Villar, Koko Pimentel, Sonny Angara, JV Ejercito and Bam Aquino are seeking re-election in midterm polls.


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