Enjoying a Friendship Festival


Per Cecille Santillan-Visto

Review of Concerts
K-Pop World Music Festival 2019 in Manila
June 9
SM MOA Arena

The Philippines and Korea celebrated the 70'sยบ anniversary of diplomatic relations, plus a festival was recently held to celebrate the close ties between the two countries.

With both nations known for their passion for entertainment and the arts, what better way to mark the milestone than through a music festival, particularly a K-pop concert?

Sohee and Kim Donghan, girl groups Elris and Red Velvet, and boyband NCT 127 joined forces to entertain fans who attended the SM Mall of Asia Arena for the epic show hosted by All Access Production.

Presented by Korean celebrity Ryan Bang, the three-hour extravaganza not only showed off the talents of K-pop idols, but also had some interesting lights, including megastar sharon Sharon Cuneta, a confessed follower of the nine members. group, NCT 127.

The show started slow and easy with Sohee, also a member of Elris, dishing the opening song "Mannequin". Sohee, who had the enviable task of going first, was initially hesitant in his moves, but found his foot in "Spotlight", and finally gaining strength in "Hurry Up."

Sohee, who wore a red fire number, is familiar to the Filipinos as she was a participant in the show. K-pop star 6: the last chance, which was shown on Filipino cable TV. Before Elris, she formed a temporary group called KWINs with Kriesha Tiu, a Korean-based Filipino singer, and another Korean aspirant.

Sohee's performance was followed by a set of five songs by Kim Donghan, another product of the talented reality show Produce 101 Season 2. Although he later debuted with the boy band, JBJ, he launched his solo career in June 2018.

Unquestionably a talented dancer, Donghan's moves in "Sunset," "Goodnight Kiss," "Focus," "Idea," and "No Time" were captivating, but her vocals left much to be desired.

The group of girls Elris has five members, but besides Sohee, only Yukyung, Hyeseong and Karin were able to introduce themselves. Bella emerged on stage visibly bruised and wearing a bandage on her leg.

Although they were only four, Elris managed to deliver to the public's delight. They included in their repertoire "Summer Dream" and "We, First". Although the main stage – as well as the extended stage – seemed too big for only the four, they owned the MOA Arena with "Heart Bank", Will Be Mine and their last song, "Pow Pow. "

But when the NCT 127 appeared, it was clear that they were one of the most anticipated acts. Taeyong, Taeil, Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark and Haechan, as well as the new members Johnny and DoYoung, were vocally impressive and their choreographies featured in Fire Truck, Cherry Bomb and Simon Says.

Their interpretation of "Regular" and "Super Human" also demonstrated why they are one of the K-pop to tell each other.

The main stars, however, were Red Velvet. Although the girls visited the Philippines in April 2015, they have not yet held a solo concert in Manila. Her fans sang eagerly with them during the set of five songs, obviously losing the girls who took over four years to return.

Red Velvet was nothing less than explosive when they played "Red Flavor", "Power Up" and the ballad "Moonlight Melody".

At the rate that Filipinos are attracted by the Korean entertainment industry, especially K-pop and K-drama, more events similar to K-Pop World Music Festivals They are expected to be held in the Philippines. As it is, there is at least one K-pop concert in the country per month. Counting the regular K celebrity fan meetings, there is a flood of everything Korean.

The synergy is great for each other's economies and deepens the ties that took root 70 years ago.

Now, this is the kind of friendship worth celebrating.


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