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Elon Musk calls for Ethereum development ideas in apparent take on price stalls

Tesla's founder and avowed cryptomaniac lover, Elon Musk, surprised the industry one more time this week by tweeting content about the Altcoin Ethereum (ETH).

Ethereum Markets Fail to React to Musk

In multiple tweets On April 29, Musk, who became a sort of mythical figure in cryptomoeda, put social commentators guessing with just two words: "Ethereum" and "jk."

The tweets, which remain without an official explanation, come only a few weeks after Musk appeared to replace Dogecoin (DOGE), a memo-based altcoin.

While these tweets contained more obvious compliments, his appearance a day after the Day of Lying suggested that the author was, in fact, less sincere in his adoration of the coin.

However, as Bitcoinist noted, the DOGE came with the publication of tweets, something that the ETH episode seemed to fail to do.

At the time of printing, the ETH / USD had traded a plan in the last 24 hours, remaining at $ 157, while Bitcoin (BTC) fell 1.2 percent to $ 5240.

Dogecoin or Bitcoin style?

Musk's profile within the cryptography leapt earlier this year as he faced requests to join the now completed charity relay to raise funds for Venezuela.

Known as Lightning Torch, the relay, which used Bitcoin's Lightning Network to "travel" among owners, saw the participation of well-known names, including Twitter's own CEO, Jack Dorsey.

At the time, Musk refrained from publicly acknowledging the presence of the Torch or giving reasons for this lack of attention. Bitcoin's earlier sincere promotion, however, made it an obvious choice, the tech tycoon having described the biggest cryptomeo as "quite brilliant."

A theory for Musk's action in Ethereum revolves around previous criticisms of Twitter scambots, which consistently offered ETH's fake e-gifts last year in a notorious phenomenon.

At the time, Musk himself appealed to Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer for help in finding a technical solution for bots, which represented a large number of well-known users in an attempt to link them to fraudulent gifts.

"What should be developed in Ethereum?"

So when Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, invited him to the project's Devcon event in October, the answer might have been predictable.

"Stop giving ETH for free!" Musk replied.

Another tweet produced something curiously more serious, with Musk asking Buterin how he envisioned the Ethereum network in the future.

"What should be developed in Ethereum?" I wrote Tuesday.

The latest post quickly attracted interest from Twitter's known cryptographic handles. Blockstream's CSO Samson Mow offered "electric rockets" as an option, while marketer and commentator WhalePanda used the opportunity to criticize what he saw as Ethereum's lack of direction.

"That's a trick question, since its sole purpose was to enrich its founders with vague promises of decentralization, scalability and usability … all of which were consistently broken," he replied.

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