Tuesday , September 21 2021

Coronavirus UK News – Anti-lockdown protests hit London’s suburbs while Boris is attacked by conservative lawmakers over a new national closure

Protests against the blockade have taken place in London’s suburbs, while a wave of discontent sweeps across the country due to the national closure.

Hundreds of people joined a march against the new obscure rules, shouting “regain your freedom!” and “enough lockdown”, starting at Crystal Palace Park on Saturday, then marching close to Beckenham and even Penge.

The march was organized by the controversial StandUpX group, which believes that the country’s freedoms are being eroded by increasingly draconian measures to control the spread of Covid-19.

Boris Johnson defended the new national blockade in England as he faces growing conservative concerns about his plans against the coronavirus.

The prime minister insisted yesterday that the blockade in England will end on December 2 – but Michael Gove admitted yesterday that it would only end if the country’s infection rate drops below one.

The conservative rebellion came after it was revealed that cases actually dropped by 2,000 in a week, when 18,950 tested positive and 136 died.

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