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Corner of Champions: Kvitova runs in Stuttgart – "I'm proud of the consistency I have"

WTA Insider: How are you feeling after conquering your second title of the year and the first title in Stuttgart?
It's great. I'm so happy for that for sure. I'm really happy. You know I missed two finals in the previous months and finally I did. It was the third time lucky.

And I think it was a great game today. Playing a final against Anett, interpreting it is difficult. She has improved a lot and I am happy that I have found a way to win. My serve really helped me a lot today. Having this beautiful trophy here in Stuttgart is great. First tournament in clay. So, actually, I may have been a little surprised.

WTA Insider: Why did you surprise yourself?
Well, you know, being in the mud. I had a great two weeks of preparation on clay, but of course the matches are just different. For me, especially the second game against Anastasia Sevastova was very difficult mentally. I did not play well in the first set but I managed to get around and I think it really helped me in the next few days.

First tournament on clay and won. So I'm really trying and it's great.

WTA Insider: We have discussed many times over the years that I believe you can play well on clay and win Roland Garros.
Come on, Courtney, you know how it is with the Grand Slams (laughs). Do not put pressure on me, please. I know you're thinking that I can play well in the mud. I'm still trying every year, doing the same.

I like being in the mud, actually. I've had success in the past. Being on the clay is something really, not uncommon, but it's something different for me compared to the hardcourts or the grass courts, which I probably know I'm playing well.

But in the mud is just something a little different with the movement. It's jumping a little higher, and kicks the loot and everything, it's a little different. But I'm still trying to improve in every way and I think I just come and pay on the court when my move is better and I have a little different game plans. No matter what is happening on the court, then this is cool.

WTA Insider: You are number 1 in the Porsche race for Shenzhen and you will be number 2 in the ranking on Monday. You've made four finals this year, won two titles and won more games than any so far. What are you most proud of?
You know it's kind of weird to hear that, all these things. I returned to playing tennis and suddenly I do not know, I won a second title and I played the Australian Open final. I think it kind of amazes me that everything is happening in my life sometimes.

I think every day being on the tennis court and being in the gym and doing your rehabilitation and recovery is all I'm always putting in a lot of time and I'm 100% ready there. It is not very easy to do this every day.

That's probably what I'm seeing. I am just taking everything I have done in practice and in those days as well. So I just see that hard work is paying off.

I'm proud of the consistency that I have too. I lost the first round against Venus [at Indian Wells] but this was a very difficult game. Overall, I think I managed to play well in almost every game. I played well and that's what I'm still trying to build.

WTA Insider: Last year, after winning Dubai, we sat down to Champions Corner and we discussed whether or not we were seeing the best Petra Kvitova on the court. You were not so sure then. Fifteen months later, are we seeing the peak of Petra?
I think it's just a different way. You know that when I played well before and won those two Grand Slams in the grass, it's just different. Being on the grass and winning the title was something really unbelievable.

But playing this year's Australian Open final was something really special. It's in hardcourts. It is different compared to grass. At hardcourts you play more rallies and everything. In the grass you probably hit something and just walked in, and then you won. It's just different.

But compared to my past Petra I feel great. I think I definitely improved my fitness. I have more game plans that I can use in-game. I did not have my coach here so I was alone alone and in previous matches. I just had to really find a way to win, which makes me proud too.

So I'm working on it too and I'm glad you know that I have great people around me who are helping me improve. I mean, I'm playing good sneakers.

WTA Insider: We've seen you go through the draws when you're playing well. When you look at the 27 titles you have won, do some of them stand out as particularly difficult weeks?
Maybe Madrid last year. I can not say that these games were really heavy, but I came from Prague immediately from the end. And the next day I played against Lesia Tsurenko and won the match and had a day off and played again. I was mentally and physically so tired and exhausted.

This is probably the tournament that was physically and mentally very, very difficult for me.

WTA Insider: Speaking in Madrid, you will be defending your title next week.
It's incredible. In life, time is flying. Unbelievable.

Yes, and Madrid is coming and I have to defend my title. You know, this is special in tennis, that you win the tournament and you know that next year you will defend it, which is a lot of points. I'm so happy not to have in mind that I just beat Stuttgart and just need to defend it next year. So I'm really enjoying the moment I won and what happens next year. So I'm glad I'm some kind of person.

And yes, Madrid is coming. It's huge, huge, it's a lot of points, but I like to play there. I just had a good result from here so if I lose in the first round I lost and that's it. It's another hour and another week for us.

WTA Insider: So you drove to Stuttgart and you leave Stuttgart, where you won a Porsche. How are you as a driver?
I'm a good driver! I really like driving. I've been driving since I was 18, so I had to really move through the Czech Republic from the beginning. So I think I learned to drive. I'm not crazy for sure. Sometimes I like to go faster, but not so much. I never get to 200 miles per hour, so I'm still normal. Come on, I'm blonde. You know blond girls in the car …..

But I'm fine, I'm fine. Do not worry guys, if you see me somewhere on the street. I'm patient too if I have to. So I guess it's a lot like the starting type. Sometimes someone is distracting you, but you still have to be calm and do your thing.

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