'Bikoy' does not deserve support: IBP Davao


MANILA – The Davao chapter of the Philippine Integrated Bar on Tuesday criticized its national leadership for allowing it to be used as a "preparation area" for Peter Joemel Advincula's press conference, the self-confessed "Bikoy" in a series of anti Videos -Duterte.

"The IBP Davao City Chapter does not tolerate and will not tolerate any statement from the current IBP National leadership that will result in the politicization of the organization," the chapter said in a statement.

The chapter said that it is neither private nor supports the "Bikoy show".

"This does not reflect the feeling of chapter members as an organization," he said.

On Monday, Peter Joemel Advincula, or the hooded figure in viral videos, introduced himself as "Bikoy" during a press conference at IBP.

Advincula is seeking free legal assistance from IBP. He said he needed an attorney to file his sworn statement and help him file lawsuits against union members.

"While the IBP Davao City Chapter respects the IBP National in representing its members on some national issues, however Bikoy does not deserve the support of the Chapter, since the IBP is a nonpartisan organization not established to serve political interests," the statement said. of the chapter. .

Advincula came a few days after the arrest of Rodel Jayme, who admitted having created a site hosting Totoong Narco's videos.

YouTube clips titled "Totoong Narco-list" claimed that drug money was channeled into the bank accounts of the son of President Rodrigo Duterte, Paolo, son-in-law Atty. Manases Carpio and former adviser Christopher Go.

The IBP said earlier that Advincula still needs to undergo vetting before receiving free legal aid.


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