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By MB Online

Although the possibility of an asteroid reaching Earth and causing an Armageddon-like scenario to be very remote, it is still not enough to reassure everyone that this is not going to happen.



The thought of a gigantic rock that runs through space and collide with our planet to wipe out most life forms as it did 65 million years ago will certainly be a subject of conversation among doomsday makers because an asteroid of one mile must pass through the Earth. weekend.

The asteroid or space rock known as 1999 KW4 was discovered 20 years ago.

Traveling at a speed of 48,000 mph, the asteroid is so large that it has a lunar space rock orbiting it.

When two celestial bodies orbit near each other, NASA scientists define this as a binary system.

The asteroid, experts say, will be visible from Saturday night (May 26) through Sunday (May 27).


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