Ariana Grande reveals her fascination with Hollywood star Jim Carrey


Mega star Ariana Grande revealed the celebrity she still loves more than most – actor Jim Carrey.

The singer says she loves the star Dumb and Dumber even more because of her inspirational quotes about depression.

Producer hit "No Tears Left To Cry" has published a series of posts about the 57-year-old actress in her history on Instagram.

One included a Carrey line about depression and how to understand it.

She recently opened about her "headspace" and how she was not in place to deal with things like social media as she once was.

Last week she told her fans that she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when she photographed her brain CT scan.

The singing star always had a soft spot for Pet Detective

She told fans of her love for movie star Jim – and let them into a little secret.

"My first AIM username was jimcarreyfan42 when I was in grade 4," she said, talking about the chat site.

She went on to post many of her quotes about mental difficulties.

"Depression is your body saying," I do not want to be that character anymore, I do not want to hold that avatar you created in the world, it's too much for me, "he said.

Ariana has always been open about her "headspace"

You should think of the word "depressed" as "deep rest."

"Your body needs to be depressed. It needs a deep rest from the character you're trying to play."

She then wrote: "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" about a photo of the Trueman Show star.

Ariana has worried fans for recent comments.

She loved Jim at The Grinch – and also for her opening

"I have a lot in mind and it's so heavy and it does not have the energy to process or work with any of that, but I'm trying very hard," she wrote, adding, "I wish I had been a year ago. .

The 25-year-old actress, whose ex-boyfriend Mac Miller died in September, ended her engagement to Pete Davidson in October.

She says she "is still dealing with the effects" of the Manchester bombing that rocked the world during her show in 2017.


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