Android likely does not receive screen shots at any time


Especially in recent years, many of the new features natively added to Android first appeared through OEMs. One great tool adopted by many is the ability to do a scrolling screenshot on Android. Unfortunately, however, Google finds it "unfeasible" to put this on Android as an operating system.

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Over the past month, Google has commented on two different requests for bug tracker features related to adding scroll screenshots to Android. In both cases, as noted by Android Police, the company said it will not be working on bringing it to Android, saying it is "unfeasible" in one case saying they "are not capable" of working on it.

If you are not familiar with this feature, it is displayed on several different products, especially Samsung devices. After taking a screenshot, a popup usually allows users to scroll down the screen to take another screenshot, with the software automatically joining the two. It is a handy tool for sharing more of what is on your monitor than it can be seen and therefore captured at one go.

For whatever reason, however, Google seems to think that this is something that Android can not natively adopt as an operating system. My only theory about why this would happen is because of how the screenshots are made in Android "in stock". Instead of having a prompt displayed onscreen, Google has opted to defer these actions to the notification tray. To that end, it would be somewhat difficult to implement a scroll screen capture in the Google version of Android.

Scrolling screenshots were not exactly expected to arrive on any upcoming version of Android, like Q, but it's a bit disappointing to see Google simply knock it down completely.

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