10+ Things You May Not Know About the Samsung Galaxy Fold


We've had the team hands on the Samsung Galaxy Fold pretty much unbroken since we arrived a few days ago, and as we settled in over the weekend, we decided to gather some initial impressions of the new gadget and share them with you.

As a first-generation device, Galaxy Fold is not without initial problems, and we expect some of them to be resolved when the first users adopt their retail units.

Ok, now that the preamble is out of the way, let's quickly look at the few problems we encountered before moving on to the more interesting aspects of Galaxy Fold.

Number 1. Some applications that are landscape only (like games) are very specific about their orientation and will not rotate backwards if you turn on the phone. This means that the phone has a very specific orientation preset when it comes to landscape and is a cleaver because in this orientation you will not muffle the speakers.

Number 2. Applications that do not support the Continuity feature (where you'll open an application on the smaller screen and then unfold the phone to the larger one) will display huge black bars on both sides of the application window when you unfold. We hope the most popular applications will be updated soon to fix this.

Galaxy Fold has some problems with applications
Galaxy Fold has some problems with applications

Galaxy Fold has some problems with applications

Number 3. We found that shooting and filming on the smaller external screen is a dull experience (probably due to its smaller size or maybe slightly lower quality?), But when we unfold the Galaxy Fold, it's like taking pictures with an iPad. Navigating your photos on the big screen, however, is a joy, and that makes up for it. In addition, we could verify that the image quality is the same as the Galaxy S10 +.

Number 4. If you unfold the phone, the external display will not work under any circumstances. And while this makes sense, we feel it is a missed opportunity to have a mirror for when you are taking pictures of a person. Who does not want to have the best of them? Mate X has a better implementation of this.

Number 5. When the fold of the galaxy is folded, there is slight flexing in the front and rear panels where they find the hinge, but it disappears when you unfold the phone. No big deal, but it makes the building look cheap and fragile.

Number 6 There is also a noticeable jelly effect when you roll content lines in portrait mode on the big screen. It looks like the content of the screen is updated from left to right, so there is a slight delay.

Number 7. As the magnets that help hold the Galaxy Fold well, folded, they are powerful, easily attracting near metal objects. Not that we advise you to keep this $ 2000 phone in a pocket with metal objects, but you've been warned.

Number 8 However, despite the strong magnets that keep it closed, it is perfectly possible to open the Galaxy Fold with one hand, but it does require some finger gymnastics. It gets easier the more you do, so in the end it seems almost a disturbing toy.

Ok, now let's move on to some interesting parts that really show a lot of what was thought about creating the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Number 9. If you are on a call and unfold the phone, the call will automatically enter the speakerphone mode.

Number 10 The Galaxy Fold uses a capacitive fingerprint scanner on the side (like the Galaxy S10e) and it works just like the Bixby button. This lower button above is the power button.

Number 11 The supplied protective case is made of two parts, so it is not foldable itself. It has a soft adhesive to put it securely on the phone, but you can easily remove it after it is applied.

Number 12 The crease of the screen is noticeable, but we do not care visually. This does not get in the way if you are looking at the front screen. However, your finger will still feel when you slide left or right, never to forget that it is there.

Number 13 There are three modes of typing on the Samsung Galaxy Fold – a standard keyboard, a split-screen keyboard and even a floating keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Typing Methods
Samsung Galaxy Fold Typing Methods
Samsung Galaxy Fold Typing Methods

Samsung Galaxy Fold Typing Methods

Number 14 Just like the Galaxy S10 phones, the Galaxy Fold has both regular and reverse wireless charging.

We are making progress on our detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and it will be out next week. There is a lot to test and analyze – three screens, six cameras, a large battery, the unique format, etc. Stay tuned!


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