Thursday , June 24 2021

Yo Soy: ‘Carlos Soraluz’ impersonator accused of doping and raping two women in his home | SHOW

Óscar Reyes Carrizo, 41, impersonator of ‘Carlos Soraluz’ from Harmony 10 in the program I am, was accused by two women of having drugged and sexually abused them.

In a ‘Domingo al día’ report, it was stated that Oscar Reyes Carrizo he contacted a young woman of Venezuelan nationality to participate in the animation of an online event, however, it was a ‘facade’, according to various testimonies.

The young woman indicates that she went to her recording studio in Los Olivos for a casting, however, the singer offered her something to drink and that’s when the nightmare began.

Auriel, of Venezuelan nationality, says that she felt dizzy after taking the drink and minutes later she lost consciousness. After two hours, she woke up very confused and realized she was outraged.

After that, he went to the Carmen de la Legua Reynoso police station to report him. The report also mentions that another woman fell into the singer’s networks and was the victim of rape, according to reports.


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