Friday , January 22 2021

Xunta announces the improvement of the vaccines included in the children's calendar to increase the defense against papilloma

It highlights the "good results" of coverage against influenza reached in this campaign, reaching more than 58%


The regional health minister, Jesús Vázquez Almuiña, announced on Saturday some of the innovations that his department will incorporate in the coming months into the Galician Immunization Program, such as improving vaccines included in the children's calendar to increase protection against human papillomavirus HPV) and meningococcus C.

This was highlighted by Vázquez Almuiña at the inauguration of XXII Xornada central training in vaccines held in Santiago de Compostela, where he assured that the Xunta will develop these changes "with a firm budget commitment and with the conviction that it is necessary to invest the human and material resources to have the best possible schedule ".

In this regard, the regional minister announced the replacement, from mid-July, of the vaccine against HPV, which is currently administered to girls at age 12 (which protects against two viruses), for a new vaccine that increases. Protection up to nine viruses.

"We estimate that, despite the good efficacy of the bivalent vaccine used in Galicia, since the beginning of this measure, the non-venous vaccine can provide a 10% higher rate of prevention of cancer cases," said Almuiña, according to the Xunta an announcement.

Another novelty will be the substitution of the monovalent vaccine against meningococcus C of 12 years for another tetravalent that, besides protecting against this serogroup, also offers defense against serogroups A, Y and W.

To make this measure as effective as possible and to obtain community protection against this disease, the Regional Minister explained that it will be complemented with "rescue vaccination", in a coordinated way with all the autonomous communities, for two or three years to vaccinate. the adolescent population aged 13 to 18 years.


Regarding changes in vaccines for at-risk groups, consensus-level indications at the state level are being adapted and expanded, especially in relation to the use of the HPV vaccine, in HIV-positive people and in men who have sex with men, indication of vaccination up to 45 years, instead of limiting up to 25 years.

The regional minister also referred to the "good results" of influenza vaccination coverage obtained during the last campaign, especially in the "excellent" group of pregnant women, as well as in health professionals and the elderly. 65 years

In this way, he underlined that, in the last campaign, coverage was over 58%, above the Spanish average, placing Galicia as the sixth autonomous community with the best vaccination coverage against influenza.


During his speech, Almuiña highlighted the "good results" and "prestige" of the Galician Vaccination Program, for which he stated that vaccine coverage in Galicia "not only consolidated as very good, but also they rank as one of the highest state ".

Thus, the coverage data in the 2018 children's calendar addressed in the day reflect a "high-coverage" vaccine in all groups evaluated, exceeding in many cases 99% in primary vaccination (which refers to the doses of vaccine needed to that the vaccine is given a sufficient rate to guarantee its initial protection, without the doses of memory).

In relation to booster doses up to three years, the Xunta highlighted coverage of meningococcus C (at age 12), which reached a percentage of 99.8%, against 89.7% of the average in Spain, placing the Galician community as the first state in this coverage.

It also underlined in this age group the triple virus data, with a Galician coverage of 92.6%, higher than 89.3% of the state average.

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