Thursday , June 24 2021

Xbox uses memes և provides coolers in the form of Xbox Series X.

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The Xbox Series X was launched last year; much has been said, especially about his simple rectangular horse. One of the most popular memes was the X-shaped refrigerator in the Xbox series. Well, not only did fans take it into the sport, but Microsoft took it to the point where the Xbox-ordered coolers became a reality. The X և series introduced them to celebrities. Best of all? You can win one.

We informed you a few days ago that Snoop Dogg revealed an interesting video that shows you with an Xbox Series X refrigerator, but little is known about it.

We recently learned that this is Microsoft’s campaign to promote the Xbox Series X. Microsoft made coolers ուղարկ sent to celebrities Snoop Dogg և iJustine: “We know for sure, thanks to this tech-focused content creator who shared a video of him opening a large refrigerator.

If you lost: Microsoft has officially compared the size of the Xbox Series X to a refrigerator, and the console is much smaller.

Thanks to the video, it was possible to see the device և its various characteristics. First of all, it should be noted that the box that contained it was a copy of the box in which the Xbox Series X will be sold. As for the refrigerator, as we saw in the Snoop Dogg video, it also bears the Xbox logo. the door and interior lights are green. But that’s not all, because when you open it, you can hear the startup sound that the console will have.

“This is a better refrigerator than the one I have in my house right now, but it doesn’t fit in my house,” said iJustine. Fortunately, the size of the Xbox Series X will not be an issue, as it is much smaller, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding suitable furniture.

You can win the Xbox Series X refrigerator

If size is not an issue for you և you would like to combine the Xbox Series X with the Xbox Series X in your home to show your love for the brand, this is good news as fans are better off winning a panel cooler. possibility:

In part of the video, iJustine confirmed that Microsoft had sent two coolers, one to Snoop Dogg and one to him. However, he learned that Microsoft has prepared one that will give it to a successful person through Twitter games.

Unfortunately, there are still no details on this draw, so we don’t know if it will be available only in the United States or other neighboring countries. Still, winning this device will be a big surprise for one.

What do you think of Microsoft’s marketing strategy? Would you like to win this Xbox Series X cooler? Tell us in the comments.

As we informed you, the Xbox brand considered Xbox Series X և Xbox Series S memes to lightly shared a funny video through TikTok, even brand manager Phil Spencer called it another meme from Craig Brute’s official Xbox mascot, that came out of the controversial game: Infinite Halo,

Xbox Series X |: The S will be released on November 10. You can find news about him by visiting this page.

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