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Elite Controller of the Xbox One is the customizable command created by Microsoft, which is recognized by the same console fans as the best command ever made; however, a portal leaked a new patent that would match the expected Elite V2.

According to the portal Geekfest, Microsoft would have recorded these schemes in the "United States Patent", in which it describes the new command such as "Control gamer with removable accessories", which will allow the user to customize the control to their liking.

The new Xbox One gadget will include retention accessories and sensors, which will allow users to replace each button on the command No limit settings for your use.

New command for Xbox One

New command for Xbox One

The control platform would have been designed to allow the user to manipulate the product to their liking. This is also possible in the current Elite Controller, since it does the same thing through magnets that prevent movement of the accessories while they are used. However, this makes it difficult to manipulate buttons with many FPS games.

This patent created by Microsoft may belong to the expected Elite V2, because as its predecessor, the new command combines many of its accessories. The 8 modes of the D-Pad would return together with the 4 "oars" and a variant of the Joystick.

New Xbox One Controller Accessories

New Xbox One Controller Accessories

As you know, they are only schemas and when it is released by Microsoft, the command it might look different; However, this continues to excite thousands of fans waiting for the successor to the best command to have fun on Xbox One.


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