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which maps can be reproduced in the classic

One of the things that is so successful with the Garena Free Fire title is the capacity for entertainment and fun, but also for each of the particularities it offers. Among them we find the diversity of maps and that is why it is important to find out which is the best map for each game mode. Today we’re going to talk about which maps can be reproduced in the classic.

What are the maps on which the classic mode can be reproduced?

Free Fire is a game characterized by offering unique game modes in which players can have a lot of fun. In this way, you have complete security of always being on the move doing things as they should be and having fun as the basis of each game.

One of these modalities, is the classic game mode, where players can play openly and without obligationThey can basically do whatever they want without fear of anything. Being that, there is no risk of losing points or something like that, because the game gives you the option to develop the games without a tie.

free kalahari fire map

Taking into account that Free Fire currently has several maps, classic gameplay can be played on two maps and the map on which the game takes place depends on you. One of the maps you can choose from is Bermuda Map, one of the most famous in the game, is a desert island where you will have to equip yourself at any cost, looking for supplies is vital for survival.

The second map you can choose is the Kalahari map, which is a desert in which you can see several buildings, is one of the most recent maps of Free Fire, so you must be very careful.

▪ Release date: 12/04/2017

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