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Where should I start if I want to play Mario Bros.


Is there a perfect way to approach the saga of Super Mario Bros.? In the beginning, it is very, very complicated not to have given the opportunity to the super star of Nintendo. For something, the industry's most recognizable face is synonymous with adventure, entertainment and fun. Now it is possible to organize all your deliveries until today In addition to your release order.

The idea is ambitious.: select all the titles included in the official saga, which are established in the encyclopedia published by Nintendo, ordering them as your game proposal evolves and distinguish between major steps and mechanics.

In addressing this particular feat, we have established three main series from where, which we also order according to the level of skills we will need. In this way, we have the classic deliveries, the series New Super Mario Bros and adventures at three-dimensional levels. To which we must add a short list with multiplayer deliveries simultaneous, then you can share the game.

Now what you will not see is your spin-offs. Mario participated in all kinds of sports, RPGs and even starred in his own saga of direction. In spite of how versatile our mustachioed friend is, we focus on your platform side. Which does not mean that there is some very logical integrated license to surprise you.

As a side note, we take into account a very specific number of special and enhanced editions. Then the four redesigned versions of the Game Boy Advance, the compilation Super Mario All-Stars O Super Mario Bros Deluxe of Game Boy are left out.


Our idea is to establish a line of game based entirely on its gameplay, leaving the technical and visual section in the background as well as the argument itself. In cases where they exist, of course.

Ahead, hours of fun, challenges and what they call the magic nintendera. Because Mario did not win his crown as the King of the Platforms at night, but by placing a chair and taking the reins of a whole genre. Something that, by the way, continues to do today.

An Inevitable Procedure: How to Play Super Mario Bros.?

In the paper, the goal of Mario and his brother Luigi is to twist the plans for Bowser and the members of his clan. In practice, our main goal is to go through an end-to-end scenario, so that – despite the fact that we will find coins and Power Ups– it all comes down to the pennant, the goal or the star that awaits us at the end of each level.


In most games side scroll two buttons will suffice. One to jump and another to use any skill or item we have during the game. Also, if we leave the last one pressed, we can run. Something especially convenient.

As the saga evolves, in both 2D and 3D games, we can also do all types of acrobatics and acrobatics. Jump on the walls with jumps that we can stretch or lift if we precisely execute the button sequences. In addition, Mario 64 it is possible to brake our jumps in the dry air.

Where is the classic Mario Bros.

Nswitchds Arcadearchives 02

A curiosity: Mario did not debut in his own series. As Jumpman, this brave plumber would face the same Dumb Kong in the recreational namesake, being – in addition – the villain in his sequel. Of course, he would soon star in his own game, and this time He would be accompanied by his brother Luigi.

The title Mario Bros. It came to the arcades in 1983 and came to be published in Atari. And although jumps were an essential part of the equation, a pure and difficult arcade game. Now, the fact that it is not considered within the series Super Mario It is fundamentally because it lacks essential components compared to the rest of deliveries.

However, the initial game mechanics were intact, since in the end they were an extension of the visions in Donkey Kong. However, our analysis would not be complete without this little bit of the history of video games.

The starting point: the classic series in NES and beyond


Recommended Order:

  1. (NES) Super Mario Bros.1985
  2. (Game Boy) Super Mario Land1989
  3. (Famicom) Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels1986
  4. (NES) Super Mario Bros. 2, released in Europe and USA.
  5. (Game Boy) Super Mario Land 21992
  6. (NES) Super mario 31988
  7. (SNES) Super Mario Worldnineteen ninety


There is no better beginning than the iconic world 1-1 of Super Bario Bros. Certainly, the more veteran comes to your musical theme just by seeing a screenshot like the one you can see a bit above.

After a logical progression, the debut of Mario in Game Boy with Super Mario Land It is the most balanced sequence. In front of a Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels whose difficulty level was several steps above the original.

The natural evolution of the saga would come with Super mario 3, although there are two very different deliverables that are worth addressing first:

  • The system of Power Ups and mapped Super Mario Land 2, which would serve as a cover letter for Wario and would be maintained in all side scrolling games.
  • The greater visual display and the new possibilities of interaction of a Super mario 2 which, in reality, was the Westernization of an original Famicom title: Yume Koujou Doki Doki Panic!

Paradoxically, the Western Super Mario Bros 2 would be relaunched in Japan years later as Super Mario USA.

The cycle closes in style with Super Mario World, which brings together and multiplies everything you have learned in previous deliveries, adding new dimensions to the formula thanks to Mode 7 of Beast Brain, as well as a great playable addition: the possibility of Yoshi

Advanced fun: Mario's rebirth


Recommended Order:

  1. (iOS and Android) Super Mario Run, from 2017.
  2. (Nintendo DS) New Super Mario Bros., 2006.
  3. (Nintendo 3DS) New Super Mario Bros 2, of 2012.
  4. (Wii) New Super Mario Bros. Wii, 2009
  5. (Wii U / Switch) New Super Mario Bros U / Deluxe, 2012 and 2019 respectively.


Before the launch of Switch, Nintendo took its super star to the mobile. Super Mario Run kept the soul of the classics and simplified their control system to the limit to something as simple as tapping with a finger. Undoubtedly, and despite the fact that it is the latest release, it is also it is best to start this stage.

A rebirth of the stage that, by the way, would come nearly ten years earlier: with New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo reinvented its iconic platform saga. An intelligent movement since without giving up its own identity gave a real face-lift for your success formula.

This was an instant success that would soon continue in 3DS and desktop, adding for the first time an advance that would become one of its greatest attractions: the possibility of simultaneous multiplayer. Something we'll talk about below.

3D Platforms: Seating chair in all directions

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Recommended Order:

  1. (N64) Super Mario 641996
  2. (GameCube) Super Mario Sunshine, 2002
  3. (Switch) Super Mario Odyssey, 2017
  4. (Nintendo 3DS) Super Mario 3D Terra, 2011
  5. (Wii U) Super Mario 3D World, 2013
  6. (Wii) Super Mario Galaxy, 2007
  7. (Wii) Super Mario Galaxy 2, 2010


Mario not only imposed his plataformero style in lateral scrolling levels, but it was the indisputable wake to follow when Super Mario 64 He made the leap to levels in three-dimensional environments. The keys?

  • An adjustable camera
  • An analog control system
  • Complex, secretive scenarios that raised the replay value
  • A state-of-the-art control system according to all these new possibilities.

Over time, Nintendo was adding new nuances and levels of fun to each created world. In addition, in Super Mario Sunshine and the very recent Super Mario Odyssey, the successors of this successful polygonal Mario, had two extras with their own identity: ACUAC invented by Professor Fesor and the intrepid Cappy, a hat with which we could capture and transform into countless objects and enemies.

From here there is a dilemma when it comes to continuing our adventures:

  • In the saga Super Mario 3D More traditional scenarios are explored, giving emphasis to perspective and Power Ups. In addition, in Super Mario 3D World multiplayer would be one of their maximum incentives.

  • In the two plots of Super Mario Galaxy, whose inspiration in The Little Prince is more than obvious, the scenarios are huge, composed of planets, meteorites, satellites and huge space stations in which gravity plays a special role.

Therefore, given the magnitude and epic of Mario's interstellar adventures, Super Mario Galaxy 2 would be postulated as the perfect brooch of the platform saga. But, of course, still We have some ideas to put on the table.

How to approach the saga through Simultaneous Multiplayer


  1. (Nintendo 3DS) New Super Mario Bros. 2, of 2012.
  2. (Wii) New Super Mario Bros Wii, of 2009.
  3. (Wii U and Switch) New Super Mario Bros. U / Deluxe , of 2012 and 2019, respectively.
  • (Nintendo DS) Super Mario 64 DS, 2004.
  • (Wii U) Super Mario 3D World, of 2013.


While the Mario Bros. had a huge cooperative-competitive element that stand-by for years to make way for multiplayer relays, the current Nintendo and its hardware made it clear to us that share a sofa and try it is one of their brands.

In fact, technically the first Super Mario Bros. with simultaneous multiplayer after the turn of the millennium was Super Mario 64 DS, an adaptation of the 1996 title with a wide range of novelties and additions with a price to pay: do not count with sticks. In fact, it is highly recommended to play the classic N64.

3d world

Of course, with a focus on multiplayer experience, Nintendo has given a touch of success to the idea of Super Mario 3D Land on Wii U. Another experience that in this case you can enjoy with a GamePad, three Wiimotes and up to 3 friends.

But the true multiplayer revolution I would arrive with New Super Mario Bros., or better, its three sequences: while the direct continuation of 3DS allows the two Mario brothers to share a screen, the table adaptations They have games for up to four players as chaotic as fun.

Something that can not count as Party Game, although it should. Especially with a New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe which, thanks to the already traditional Super Guide and the incorporation of Toadette and Caco Gazapo, allows the integration of less qualified players.

And if we want more experience hardcore?

Saga Super Mario Maker: and Nintendo opened the Pandora box

Super Mario Maker 2

We leave this list closed and at the same time open with the true fire test for the fans of the platforms: the three installments of Super Mario Maker. Also known as The Infinite Mario.

Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of its superstar, Nintendo launched on Wii U a level editor of the Super Mario saga. In fact, practically the whole saga: we had at our disposal all sorts of tools, enemies and power-ups inspired Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario. Bros, including the distinct appearance of each.

The idea was not only to create these levels but to share them through codes with other players, raising the possibilities – and variants – to infinity. But also opening the door for fans to develop new kinds of challenges.

This idea was too good to keep on a single console, and shortly afterwards, an adaptation adapted to the possibilities of the Nintendo 3DS would arrive. And beware, that does not mean, much less, that Nintendo has no ideas. Not only would they surprise us later with the new adventures of Mario in Switch, but in the continuation of Mario Maker we found new and more fascinating tools.

Super Mario Maker is not only the perfect pin for our review of the plumber's playable trajectory, it is also an open door to continuing to enjoy the saga and perfecting our player skills once we have completed all previous deliveries.

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