Saturday , October 23 2021

WhatsApp will sue users for misuse from December | Technology and science


Whatsapp continues to work on the platform and has set a number of parameters for its users to behave correctly and do not tend to provide malicious or uncomfortable content.

Therefore, as of December 7, Whatsapp will take extremely harsh measures for people who use the application improperly. He even bothered to update his section of unauthorized uses and was adamant about restrictions.

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Among the bad actions that identifies Whatsapp Bulk messaging and non-personal use of the application are displayed. The company needs to fight against those companies that use the "common"of the application and not WhatsApp Business.

The application can also use as evidence the actions performed outside the platform and linked. That is, if a company says it is using Whatsapp in a "not correct" manner, it becomes a substantial test to initiate a lawsuit.

"We will take legal action against companies from which we only have evidence of off-platform abuse if abuse practices continue after December 7, 2019 or if those companies are linked to evidence of abuse obtained directly on the platform before this deadline is met"he indicated Whatsapp.

Currently, Whatsapp already identifies those users who violate its terms of use. In addition, it uses tools that immediately suspend accounts that violate these rules.

It's been a while, Whatsapp mentioned that he had been prevented from "millions of accounts"continue to violate the rules of the platform.

"We are facing a challenge that requires a comprehensive approach and at WhatsApp we are committed to using the resources we have available"added the platform.

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