After years of waiting for a solution, finally iOS users will see a resounding fall of the most annoying WhatsAppBut one that has received innumerable criticisms without being met. If you are the person who has kept some chats silenced — we all have at least one, then you probably know what it is about. We explain you the continuation.

Even when silenciabas un chat on the Apple operating system, the application icon continued showing the messages in the readout del mismo. There was no way to disappear the indicator (red globe) had to enter the app, which resulted annoying. In spite of so many years with this inconvenience, the majority of users thought that it was a feature, but in reality it was a fall of the application.

However, the latest WhatsApp update on iOS finally resolves the issue. From now on, messages not read in silenced chats will not be indicated in the icon of the application.. Yes, the company has acted quite late – as it has us in the past – but for a movement that many have received with open hands. It is worth pointing out that the patch is available.

Before this solution, some users better opted to disable the globes of the app. However, the previous one also avoided seeing unread messages in chats that were not silenced. Be concerned that the service has been so late for so long in putting your hands to work to roll up the error. As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp is not exactly quick at what it means to launch novelties and to provide solutions.

Messaging users keep waiting for them imminent release of the dark modeHowever, the company has not yet been confirmed. Without any applications that are rising above the color change on the interface, it will now be one of the last ones to summarize.