Saturday , October 23 2021

What career Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, studied?


In order to make a fortune, it is very important to study and, above all, the desire to progress, which is known by the richest men in the world, who for the most part graduated and obtained professional title, according to a study by Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment.

However, it is curious to know that the breed has been studied by people who have managed to build a great fortune at the expense of their effort. In this study, a list of the 100 richest men in the world was examined, where 75 of them were titlewhile the rest do not.

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Another key question that was asked was what was the career they studied, where the most chosen was the engineering, where 22 millionaires said they had studied that university career, followed by deals with 16, finance and economy with 11, with 6 and IT with 3.

An important fact about this report is that the people who study these careers are those who have a better chance of becoming rich, where it stands out that Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Larry Page, creator of Google studied engineering.

In addition to the career, finding a job where you can demonstrate your skills is very important and for that reason, most of the people who are currently the richest did this in a separate organization, ie they sent their resume to several people. companies until they were selected in one, the rest did in a family business and a smaller part (17) founded their own business.

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