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What are auroras and why do they occur in the presence of solar storms? PHOTOS The trade | Technology and Science | Sciences


In the last days a solar storm hits Earth and scientists expect this spatial event to generate auroras in unusual places, such as New York or Scotland, mainly in the northern hemisphere.

But what are these atmospheric phenomena? O auroras occur when the electromagnetic particles of the Sun collide with the Earth's magnetic field, producing columns or stains of different colors due to chemical reactions in the atmosphere.

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The auroras appear mainly at the poles, where the electromagnetic field of our planet is weaker. In the northern hemisphere they are called Northern Lights; in the south, austral.

However, if the solar activity is intense, as it happens during a solar storm, then they can be presented at lower latitudes. There are records of auroras in the southern United States, during the so-called "Carrington event" in 1859 or in Spain in January 1938.

Auroras do not always have the same colors: they can be red green yellow. These are produced by interaction of solar wind particles with the atoms and molecules of the atmosphere.

In this way, the green color is produced by the excitation of oxygen; This is also responsible for the yellow tones. O blue It is presented by interaction with nitrogen, which can also produce purple and reddish tones, according to National Geographic.

Another detail about polar auroras is that they are able to emit sounds. According to Finnish researchers, they are similar to those produced by static electricity. In addition, we humans can not hear them because they occur 70 kilometers in height. If we could do it, what we would hear would be something like when we stepped on dry leaves.

Auroras are not phenomena unique to Earth. They were reported on the poles of Saturn, Uranus Jupiter and Neptune because they also have atmospheres.

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