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See Premiere LIVE Flamengo x Internacional ONLINE and LIVE | This Sunday, October 25, the match for the 18th round of Serie A in Brazil is played. The duel is scheduled for 16h15 (Peruvian time) in the Beira-Rio Stadium and will be transmitted by fanatic. In addition, you will be able to follow all the football live with the incidents, minute by minute, best plays and video of the goals of

Flamengo vs. International: minute by minute



83 ‘ Internacional takes advantage and runs the game as he wants.

82 ‘YELLOW CARD: Arao (Flamengo) is shown a yellow card.

81 ‘ Offensive foul by Vitinho (Flamengo). Again the free kick for the rival.

80 ‘ Moledo (Internacional) makes sense in his field. It will be a free kick at first.

79 ‘INTERNATIONAL CHANGE: Pottker by Galhardo.

78 ‘ The game stalled, with constant fouls.

77 ‘ Galhardo (Internacional) makes sense. The game stops.

75 ‘ Free for Flamengo, but the barrier blocks.

74 ‘YELLOW CARD: Galhardo (Internacional) is shown a yellow card.

73 ‘YELLOW CARD: Natan (Flamengo) is shown a yellow card.

72 ‘ There are some problems on the playing field.

71 ‘YELLOW CARD: Lomba (Internacional) is shown a yellow card.

70 ‘ Filipe Luís (Flamengo) receives from the left, but failed to make a good cross.

69 ‘ Flamengo does not stop pressuring the rival field.

68 ‘CHANGES IN THE INTERNATIONAL: Dourado and D’Alessandro by Guilherme and Hernández.

67 ‘UFFF! Vitinho (Flamengo) left Lomba on the road and defined, but Heitor saved on the line. On the rebound Pedro defines, but the side defends again on the line.

66 ‘ Galhardo and Hernández (Internacional) left the reaction, but did not move on.

65 ‘ Free kick for Flamengo from the left wing.

64 ‘ Vitinho (Flamengo) even connected a cross from the right, but failed to get it right.

63 ‘ The party continues its development.

61 ‘ Edenilson (Flamengo) is injured. The party stops.

60 ‘ Ribeiro (Flamengo) is on the right side in search of a long shipment, but it is not enough.

59 ‘ The Internacional tries to arrive with danger through the bands.

57 ‘UFFF! Pedro (Flamengo) scores a goal inside the area and Lomba contains it. On hitting, Filipe Luis submits alone, but hits the crossbar.

56 ‘ Internacional waits on their playing field.

55 ‘ Vitinho (Flamengo) entered the area on the left, but did not advance.

54 ‘ Pass to Pedro (Flamengo) who is entering the area, but trips over the ball and loses the option to score.

53 ‘ Ball possession belongs to Flamengo.

52 ‘ Vitinho (Flamengo) tries to overflow on the left, but does not advance.

51 ‘ Internacional takes a break from football when they can.

49 UFFF! Marcos Guilherme (Internacional) shoots, but the crossbar prevents the goal.

48 ‘ Dangerous free kick for Flamengo from the right wing.

47 ‘ Internacional keeps the ball in the middle of the field.

46 ‘ The second half is in progress.

REST: Flamengo 1-2 International

45 ‘+ 5 End of first half!

45 ‘+ 3 Inter still trying. He wants more.

45 ‘We will play another five minutes.

41 & # 39; Goal canceled for Inter. Free kick at the exit for the visit.

37 & # 39; Thiago Galhardo was close to scoring again. Souza saved.

35 & # 39; Treat the premises on Patrick’s side.

33 & # 39; Inter want to extend their lead on the scoreboard.

29 ‘Corner kick for the visit and save how Inter’s defense gets.

25 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL FROM INTER! Inter exit error and Thiago Galhardo makes the second for the place.

20 ‘Flamengo comes out playing on the right side.

19 ‘The share fell in certain inaccuracies.

16 & # 39; Yellow card to Thiago Maia for the visit. Free kick for Inter.

15 ‘Round trip at Beira-Rio.

11 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL OF FLAMENGO! Pedro is in charge of putting everything the same.

7 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL FROM INTER! Abel Hernández opens the scoring and makes it 1-0 in favor of the place.

3 ‘Corner shot towards the spot.

2 ‘He left with all Inter. Close to the first.

1 ‘The game started in Brazil.

– The game started in a few minutes.

– Attention! Confirmed formation of Flamengo: Hugo, Islan, Gustavo Henrique, Natan, Filipe Luís, Thiago Maia, Willian Arao, Everton Ribeiro, Vitinho, Gerson and Pedro.

– Substitutes: César, Gabriel Batista, Matheuzinho, Joao Lucas, Thuler, Leo Pereira, Noga, René, Michael, Pepe, Pedro Rocha and Lincoln.

– Attention! Confirmed formation of the International: Marcelo Lomba, Heitor, Rodrigo Moledo, Zé Gabriel, Vendel, Rodrigo Lindoso, Edenilson, Patrick, Marcos Guilherme, Thiago Galhardo and Abel Hernández.

– Substitutes: Danilo Fernandes, Lucas Ribeiro, Lucas Mazetti, Moisés, Musto, Rodrigo Dourado, Bruno Praxedes, Nonato, D’Alessandro, Peglow, Leandro Fernández and William Pottker.

– Welcome to the coverage of the game between Flamengo and Inter de Porto Alegre!

Flamengo vs. International: confirmed lineups

Flamengo: Hugo, Islan, Gustavo Henrique, Natan, Filipe Luís, Thiago Maia, Willian Arao, Everton Ribeiro, Vitinho, Gerson and Pedro.

International: Marcelo Lomba, Heitor, Rodrigo Moledo, Zé Gabriel, Vendel, Rodrigo Lindoso, Edenilson, Patrick, Marcos Guilherme, Thiago Galhardo and Abel Hernández.

Flamengo vs. International: match history

2019-09-26 – Flamengo 3-1 Internacional (Brasileirao 2019)

2019-08-29 – Internacional 1-1 Flamengo (Copa Libertadores 2019)

2019-08-22 – Flamengo 2-0 Internacional (Copa Libertadores 2019)

2019-05-01 – Internacional 2-1 Flamengo (Brasileirao 2019)

2018-09-06 – Internacional 2-1 Flamengo (Brasileirao 2018)

2018-05-06 – Flamengo 2-0 Internacional (Brasileirao 2018)

2016-10-16 – Internacional 2-1 Flamengo (Brasileirao 2016)

2016-06-30 – Flamengo 1-0 Internacional (Brasileirao 2016)

2015-10-18 – Flamengo 0-1 Internacional (Brasileirao 2015)

2015-07-09 – Internacional 1-2 Flamengo (Brasileirao 2015)

Flamengo x Inter

A few days after the draw of the keys for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, Flamengo and International will dispute the duel of leaders of the Brazilian, which in addition to determining the absolute pointer will mean a test of fire for two projects as interesting as those of Domènec Torrent and Eduardo Coudet.

The draw for the Copa Libertadores was anything but benevolent for ‘Mengao’ and ‘Colorado’ due to their peers against the Argentine Racing Club and Boca Juniors, as well as a hypothetical cross in the quarterfinals.

As a possible preview and as a reminder of the vibrant rooms that have already been reproduced Flamengo and Inter In the 2019 edition, it will be the game this Sunday between two rivals wiped out, but determined to win glory at the local and continental levels.

Despite doubts during part of the season, ‘Fla’ and International They have already stood out from rivals with 34 points in the standings, three above Atlético de Mineiro and seven above São Paulo Santos and São Paulo.

For Torrent, the game against Inter It will be a new test for their managers, especially for the young people who showed their face in the last few weeks after the positive outbreak for covid-19 on campus.

Without Gabigol, Diego Alves, Rodrigo Caio, De Arrascaeta and Diego due to injury or Bruno Henrique due to suspension, the coach Flamengo will bet on a team with greater defensive strength to mitigate the offensive potential of its rival, third team with the highest score in the Brazilian.

‘Chacho’, in turn, will not be able to have all his arsenal to defend his leadership (he has a better goal differential). The Argentine coach will not be able to count on Boschilia (injury), Cuesta (penalty) and Rodinei (loaned by Flamengo).

Now, it’s not all bad news for the International. Coudet will have Patrick back and Thiago Galhardo, top scorer for Brazilian with 14 annotations and designated as the MVP so far in the championship.

It should be noted that the Inter haven’t won for three games in Flamengo: two for Libertadores and one for Brazilian. But, to your satisfaction, your executioners in these duels – Gabigol, Bruno Henrique and De Arrascaeta – will not be this Sunday in Beira-Rio.

Atlético Mineiro, third in the competition, expects a draw that may benefit them in the fight for the title, as they still have a pending game.

Possible Flamengo x Internacional formations

Flamengo: Hugo Souza; Isla, Gustavo Henrique, Natan, Filipe Luís; Willian Arão, Gerson, Thiago Maia, Everton Ribeiro, Vitinho; Pedro.

International: Marcelo Lomba; Heitor, Rodrigo Moledo, Zé Gabriel and Uendel (Moisés); Rodrigo Lindoso, Marcos Guilherme, Edenílson, Patrick; Thiago Galhardo, Abel Hernández.

Which channel does Flamengo x Internacional broadcast?

Flamengo x Internacional will be broadcast LIVE on the Premiere FC signal.

Brasil Premiere FC Brasil, TNT Go, TNT Brasil

Internacional Fanatiz Brasileirão, Bet365

Which channel do you broadcast on and where do you broadcast the game Flamengo vs Internacional?

The transmission of the match between Flamengo x Internacional will be available only in Brazil through Premiere FC Brasil’s channels and streaming services, TNT Go, TNT Brasil and Esporte Interativo Plus. However, will give you all the game information minute by minute.

Flamengo vs Internacional: World time

4.15 pm Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico

17:15 Chile, Venezuela, Paraguay and Bolivia

18h15 Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay

Flamengo vs. Internacional: where to watch the Brasileirão game online?

To see LIVE Flamengo x Internacional on the Internet you can follow’s LIVE which brings you the most complete minute by minute.

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