Washington D. C. versus reimagined by Ubisoft in a split-screen comparison


One of the key aspects of Division 2 is its configuration. Ubisoft Massive has not only opted for to recreate Washington D.C. with unprecedented ambition, but also dressed according to the apocalyptic events derived from the first birth. A double challenge.

While our playable impressions have given us great sensations in terms of gaming experience, it was inevitable that we would, sooner or later, compare as the US capital. Uu last bastion of humanity, according to the game) was caught in the game.

The result? You can check it through this comparison to split the screen that is offered from the Cycu1 channel and It's just incredible.

Ubisoft was able to move through the Snowdrop mechanism a copy of the most emblematic places and monuments from Washington D. C.

While this does not mean that, as you will see below, certain licenses have been taken.

Division 2

In fact, the differences you will encounter will be established by Ubisoft itself, with the purpose of reinforcing its already huge colossal environment This leads us to a city hit by the collapse of civilization.

Something that does not get us very new. In early March, our colleagues from Xataka passed through Washington D.C. to check the level of loyalty of Division 2, also getting interesting behind-the-scenes statements on how this milestone was achieved.

For its part, Division 2 It's already available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC through the Epic Games Store, and it's just the beginning. Ubisoft plans to expand the experience through new episodes and content that will arrive in the summer, fall and winter.

We leave you with your road map for 2019.


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