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Venezuelan Embassy denounces assault on immigrants in Ate housing | Salamanca Video | Venezuelan Events in Peru

About 25 citizens Venezuelans living in the White House accommodation in the district of TieThey were attacked last night with stones, sticks and bottles by a group of people from the 27 de Abril urbanization, reported by Embassy of Venezuela in Peru.

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In a statement on Twitter, the diplomatic headquarters said the victims included children and pregnant women. It was a group of foreign citizens "with documents in order, which did not cause any problems," he said.

A day earlier, an operation in the municipality of Ate had been carried out against informal taxi drivers ending in clashes with carriers who refused to leave an informal whereabouts. According to the neighbors, among the taxi drivers were citizens Venezuelans.

The aggression was recorded on video by Jonathan Delgado.

Salamanca Commissioner, lead PNP Sandy Torres, said The trade who were warned by local residents of the concentration of taxi drivers on the 27 de Abril Corporation market, from where they would depart for the store. Immediately, he said, he ordered 13 agents of his dependency to go to the area, where there were already 16 members of the East 2 Department of Special Operations and Public Order (DEPOEOP) from 6 pm.

He added that about 50 people arrived at the pavilion giving speeches against the Venezuelans who were there, blaming them for various crimes recorded in recent weeks in this part of Ate district.

Torres said agents entered the store to protect foreign citizens, who were requested by documents and found that they did not file complaints or police records. “None of the Venezuelan citizens living in the store have complaints or a background. They said they work in restaurants, bookstores and other places, ”said the largest PNP.

Given what happened, the Venezuelan embassy expressed concern about this type of event, which it described as focused but latent. "We cannot fall into generalizations and ask the Peruvian people not to fall into unfair prejudices about our community, where we disfigure the human side that characterizes us as brother peoples," he emphasized.

Finally, he recalled that he opened a WhatsApp channel to channel attention to his countrymen. The number through which they can communicate is 922534337.

Last week, after San Juan de Lurigancho Mayor Álex Gonzáles described as "lumpen" a group of Venezuelan migrants living in his district, the Ombudsman's Office He warned of the risks of generalizing a group of people by their place of birth.

Percy Castillo, deputy for human rights and people with disabilities, recalled that discrimination also encourages violence against a population to which negative characteristics are attributed. “It is not possible to generalize. We are all against crime, but in this fight a group of migrant populations should not be identified as totally outlaws. […] When it becomes general, stereotypes remain in a particular human group. They create false ideas about people and can motivate very dangerous reactions, "he said. The trade.

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