Vargas Llosa asks that the impact of Garcia's death does not prevent the continuation of fiscal work | Politics


In his column Piedra de Toque, from the newspaper "El País" of Spain, the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa wrote about the death of the former president Alan García and considered that it would be "tragic" for prosecutors and judges to see their work interrupted in the fight against corruption.

"In Peru, for some time now, there has been a group of judges and prosecutors who have surprised everyone by their courage in fighting corruption, without being intimidated by the hostility that comes from it. confronting, investigating, exposing the culprits, denouncing the mismanagement of the powerful, "wrote the Nobel in El País.

"It would be tragic that in the understandable emotion that suicide caused Alan García, the work of these judges and prosecutors was halted or sabotaged, and the few journalists who supported them were silenced, "he added.

Besides that, Vargas Llosa He highlighted several qualities of the former president, such as his charisma or "fireproof" energy, describing him as an "extraordinary speaker," however, he also made a critical analysis of the APRA leader.

"He was an honest politician, comparable to José Luis Bustamante y Rivero or Fernando Belaúnde Terry, two presidents who left the Government Palace poorer than they entered? I honestly believe not." I say this sadly because, despite being opponents, there is no doubt that there were exceptional traits in him such as his charisma and fireproof energy, "said the Nobel laureate.

"I am very afraid to have participated in this lack of scruple, in this tolerance of the abuses and excesses so widespread among the political leaders of Latin America that come to power and feel authorized to have public goods as if they were theirs or, what is much worse, to do private business, even if it violates the laws and betrays the trust placed in them by the voters, "he added.

As you recall, Alan García He committed suicide after police arrived at his estate along with prosecutor Henry Amenábar Almonte, a member of the Lava Jato Public Prosecutor's special team, to hold him preliminary in Odebrecht's case.


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