Monday , June 21 2021

Vaccine against COVID-19: Itamaraty says it is “difficult” to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for acquisition VIDEO nndc | PERU

Arturo Jarama, director of Science and Technology at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Friday that the negotiation process with the various pharmaceutical companies for the acquisition of the COVID-19 vaccine is difficult, since it is available.

During his presentation at a press conference held by the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and released by Facebook, explained the progress of the negotiations for access to the vaccine against COVID-19, and mentioned that it is complicated because clinical trials of candidate vaccines are still being carried out and during the process there are some drawbacks that delay this work.

He cited as an example what happened to AstraZeneca, from the United Kingdom, whose clinical trials were interrupted and resumed due to a disease presented by a volunteer participating in the research. It is worth remembering that the Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti, announced several days ago the decision of the Multisectoral Labor Commission not to sign an agreement with this laboratory due to the scarce information available.

“It is difficult to negotiate because the information is incomplete. Key factors are what happened to AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, which is on hiatus, because the procedures are extremely accelerated ”Jarama noticed.

“What took about seven years, they intend to achieve in less than a year and for that reason eventualities arise and it is necessary to be sure of the results. We are not obliged to respect these procedures and the necessary breaks “added.

At another time, the Itamaraty representative said that there is a wide variety of vaccines, but it is dispersed in several laboratories. “A basket of vaccines will be required. At first it seemed that the offer was going to be scarce, but now we realize that there is a great possibility to choose between some laboratories ”, he commented.

In addition, the official specified some vaccine prices. “From $ 4 a dose of AstraZeneca. Up to $ 37 a dose of Moderna. Few laboratories offer a single dose like Johnson & Johnson“, to the point.

He added that since no laboratory has completed its research, it is difficult to determine which vaccine is best for its safety, effectiveness and prevalence. In that sense, he expressed that this is why they take so long to specify delivery times.

Jarama recalled that, due to the lack of infrastructure to produce vaccines, Peru must wait for the countries that have it to complete the distribution to its population. In addition, it announced that, to see how to strengthen citizenship security, the possibility of working in a vaccine production plant in our country.

Regarding vaccine doses, he detailed the progress of the various laboratories to serve the majority of the Peruvian population: “With Sinopharm, the possibility of serving 10 million inhabitants. With Gamaleya (Russia) the same, with Covax [Facility] from the United States another 3 million, Novamax probably 6 million, with Johnson & Johnson we asked for 10 million, with AstraZeneca we negotiated 13 million, with Sinovac there are 6.6 million which is equivalent to 20% of our population ”He explained.

More clinical trials in Peru

During his speech, the director of Science and Technology at Itamaraty informed that other pharmaceutical companies are interested in the development of clinical trials in the country.

“We have other laboratories that knocked on our doors and showed an interest in starting phase 3 work in France, China, Australia and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, they asked me that for reasons of confidentiality we didn’t specify names, but probably 3 of them start in December this year “, he referred.

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