Wednesday , June 16 2021

Total moon eclipse will be seen this weekend

The inhabitants of Latin America, much of Europe and West Africa will be able to observe the total eclipse of the Moon between January 20 and 21, depending on the location, which will be the last of its kind until 2021.

For North and South America, the call & # 39; Supermoon of blood & # 39; will be seen in the early evening of the 20th or early morning, while in Europe and Africa it will be possible to see just before sunrise on the 21st.

O Moon Full will be in the shade of the earth between 03:34 and 06:51 GMT (10:34 p.m. on Saturday and 01:51 p.m. on Sunday in Peru). During the first hour you will be slowly "eaten" on the left side.

According to the schedules of the programs prepared by NASA, the eclipse will be total for one hour from 23:41 hours. The total phase of the eclipse will be three quarters of an hour shorter than that of the great eclipse of July 2018, which will continue to be the longest in the 21st century.

In addition, during the eclipse, the Moon it will not be completely invisible, but it can be seen in red, because the rays of the Sun will not directly reach it, instead, it will receive only a small part of the red rays that will filter through the Earth's atmosphere and refract on it. satellite.

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