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This will be Facebook's "oscuro mode"

Facebook black dark mode

In recent weeks it seems that most of the social networks and mobile applications have been trying to get their 'dark ways', versions that mostly use black background and white letters that, among other sales, improves visibility in low light conditions and also supposes a considerable improvement of battery.

Facebook will allow users to select the dark mode on their new web

This week it has been Instagram the application that has announced the compatibility with the dark mode of the main operating systems and it has been confirmed that WhatsApp also prepares its own "night mode". Facebook Messenger and I had been there a few months ago, but Facebook was missing because it was in the dark mode.

However, it seems that there is a shortage of time for the «dark mode» to reach the Facebook web site, the social network office version. According to some users through Twitter, Facebook is developing a phase of problems that allows some of them to understand how it will be a new Facebook design in the office (much like it was announced a few months ago). The pantallazos have been shared by @Anastipu in Twitter:

Facebook elect mode

For now it incorporates a novelty, and as, as can be seen in the pictures, Facebook will offer, in a new way, the possibility for users to select a dark mode which continues to apply the traditional way, in the background. The election may be reversed at any time through the configuration options of the cuenta.

Facebook dark mode

Once you select the 'dark mode', as you can see, the social background will appear in black. There is not much change that is, but I am sure that in recent weeks enough expectation has been generated among users at the time of having access to this functionality on a large number of platforms.

Along with those mentioned on Instagram and WhatsApp, Pinterest has also recently launched its dark mode, as well as Twitter – which is the one that exists to make it all the more – Google Maps and Gmail, among other applications.

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