they will return to the moon and they will reach Mars


"We are NASA and, after 60 years, we are just getting started," they say in an audiovisual clip.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, popularly known as NASA, has released a video in which expectations for future missions are high: they will return to the Moon and reach Mars.

The video is titled "We Are NASA" and begins with the presentation of images of rockets, space stations and NASA professionals. For example, Armstrong's voice is heard during the moon.

However, the introduction gives rise to an embarrassing warning: they want to organize missions to Mars:

We are building the next chapter of the exploration of America, returning to the Moon to stay. In this way, we can go beyond Mars to expand what is possible and improve our understanding. The architecture for this is already taking shape and we will go with new systems and projects on sustainable missions … We are NASA and after 60 years, we are just beginning.

The video narration is by actor Mike Rowe and responds to the organization's policy of boosting space exploration efforts. "We made giant leaps and left our mark on the skies," they add.

Recently, a group of experts discovered a gigantic crater covered by a dense layer of ice in Greenland. His suspicions began precisely to analyze NASA images. See the note here.


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