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The era of 5G I've started. So far there are two mobile phones with this technology that already circulates in the Galaxy S10 from Samsung and the V50 ThinQ from LG. The first is available on Verizon, Sprint and AT & T operators, the most important in the country, while the other model can be purchased by Sprint.

It should be noted that the 5G network is not yet available in the entire territory Although it is expected that as more teams of this generation arrive, operators will begin a rush to provide coverage to the entire nation.

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What does 5G offer?

It is the fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity that promises high-speed downloads, broad coverage and more stable connections. We are talking speeds of 10 to 100 times greater than today.

But it's not just about speed. Another of the main benefits of the 5G network is that reduce latency, that is, the time that elapses between sending a request until you receive the first response bit.

This delay time can last about 20 milliseconds with the current networks. It does not look like much, however, with 5G, the latency is reduced to only 1 millisecond, or roughly the time it takes a flash in a normal camera.

This attribute is essential for activities as diverse as playing a virtual reality video game or for a surgeon to operate without interruption through a robotic arm installed hundreds of miles away.

All these advancess are required to reduce the delay time between the devices and the servers with which they communicate. Surgical procedures or smart vehicles can not afford to suffer delays in data transmission. The 5G will deliver this speed and safety.

However, the 5G goes far beyond smartphones. Sensors, thermostats, cars, robots and other new technologiess will connect to the network one day. For the current 4G network, it would be impossible to achieve all this.

Galaxy S10 and V50 ThinQ

The Galaxy S10 5G debuted on the Verizon network in mid-May, hit the AT & T network on June 17; Sprint has been offering the phone since June 21.

The V50 ThinQ was launched in late May through Sprint plans and, as of June 20, is also sold at Verizon.

Here is a comparative table with the technical specifications of both devices:

LG V50 ThinQ Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
SCREEN OLED 6.4 inches / 3.120 x 1.440 pixels 6.7 inches / 3040 x 1440
PROCESSOR Snapdragon 855 with Snapdragon X50 5G modem Snapdragon 855

Android Cake 9

Android Cake 9

STORAGE 128 GB expandable by microSD up to 2 TB 256/515 GB
BACK CAMERA Triple: 16 + 12 + 12MP Triple: 16 + 12 + 12

Dual: 8 + 5MP

Dual Pixel 10 MP f / 1.9 AF, hQVGA (3D sensor)
DRUMS 4,000 mAh, with Quick Charge 3.0 4.500 mAh, with Quick Charge 2.0

$ 1,149

$ 1,300

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