"The Walking Dead" 9×05: Rick Grimes to return in "Infinity War" | REVIEW | TV | Series


The episode 9×05 of "The Walking Dead"It was designed as the great goodbye of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), a character who changed television history forever, but turned out to be a joke in bad taste, and then our criticism with" What Comes After "spoilers.

Rick, feverish with hurt and pain, finds himself in his mind with those who have already died: Shane, Hershel, Sasha; all encourage him to continue, not to fall asleep, because that means to die, given the circumstances (he is persecuted by thousands of dead). During the almost 45 minutes that lasted the episode, we saw Rick go through the same scenarios that marked the beginning of the series. This was, according to all accounts, the farewell ceremony.

The meeting with Shane was refreshing, a black humor that only Jon Bernthal had put in the series; Hershell (Scott Wilson) was warm but also tragic if we consider the actor's recent death. I can not understand why Sasha came back and neither did the others, like Laurie or Carl. It's sad because the series never knew what to do with Sonequa's character Martin Green.

Moments later, Rick ends up on the bridge he wanted to protect and sees that the only way to kill the dead that chase him is to destroy him, thanks to the miraculous appearance of several cartridges of dynamite.

"The Walking Dead"He could have killed Rick at that time, but he did not, and after the explosion, his body floats to the river bank where he is found, also by miracle, by Jadis (Pollyana McIntosh). since the seventh season, Rick will live, but far away.

Rick will not return to the series, but in films for television, which is good news for his fans; but very bad for those who expected a conclusion to this series. It was reasonable that we would not see the end of "The Walking Dead"in many years, but the idea of ​​knowing that Rick's story was coming to an end was satisfactory.

Rick will live, AMC and Fox will have more stories to build a franchise they want to extend another 10 years (they said) and fans will be in suspense until they see the meeting of Rick, Michonne and Judith.

The public deserves real finalizations, not simulacra. Perhaps the only winners with all this confusion were those millions of spectators who, week after week since the seventh season, left the boat. Those who will think "I warned" you when you tell them about the disappointment of this chapter. That's a far more compelling story than any rescue helicopter.


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