Wednesday , January 27 2021

The Olive Trees: & # 39; Chata Judith & # 39; in the crime of businessman Luis Quispe Huamaní | PHOTOS | Photo 1 of 3 | Police

Video cameras captured J.M.S.V. (39), & quot; Chata Judith & quot; when, according to police, & # 39; a young businessman who withdrew a large sum of money and minutes later was killed by criminals to avoid being robbed of money in Los Olivos.

Detectives from the Homicide Division of Dirincri, after watching videos of BCP, at the Tottus supermarket of the Panamericana Norte, established that the woman, from Marche do Norte, is one of the women who on March 14 at 4:44 p.m., he entered the bank.

At that time, Luis Quispe Huamaní (24) withdrew 50,000 soles from a window.

The defendant, dressed in dark shorts, blouse, sandals and sunglasses, entered seconds after his accomplice. After a disguised chat, they leave the bank. A camera on the outside picked up "Chata Judith" talking on cellphone. For the agents, the data were given to the delinquents who, while trying to rob the businessman, shot him in the head when he was driving his truck, in the oval part of the Pan American and University avenues.


Three months after the assassination, & # 39; Chata Judith & # 39; was arrested in Breña. It was hidden in Huaral and Chancay.

"Killer!" The relatives of the deceased shouted, who threw eggs at her when she was taken to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

She was arrested several times, the last time in September 2018, when they tossed a merchant to steal the money she took out of a bank. Strangely, I was still free.

According to the investigations, the father of his children is imprisoned in Lurigancho and his last sentimental partner was shot by police in Callao when he was stealing a van.

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