Thursday , October 21 2021

The Ministry of Transport evaluates disposal of collective cars


María Jara, Minister of Transport and Communications, commented that collective cars should not circulate in cities because they cause congestion and disorder, or on the roads.

At the installation of the Urban Transport Authority of Lima and Callao (ATU), He said collective cars will not be an option for transportation or mobility.

"(Collective cars) are an informal and illegal transport service, which will gradually have to lead to integrated transport systems", he commented.

Jara mentioned that the eradication of collective cars depends on "ordering things".

"It is the result of a series of decisions to move forward with the complementary corridors, to order things and then to undo what has been worked on," he affirmed

"As you will understand, building a transportation system is an arduous task that can take 3, 4 or 5 years, but to be destroyed, it is enough to appoint a politician and a technician who does not put himself in his right place and ends up canceling advances that it costs so much to work, " he added.

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