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After its US premiere, Mayans M.C. became the most successful debut this year in the United States, with nearly eight million viewers (adding different platforms). It is not a minor achievement, considering that it has a Latin cast almost in its entirety and multiple dialogues in Spanish. For the rest he is assured a second season.

But the milestone of production did not come from nowhere. It is a spin-off of the hit Sons of Anarchy, which took seven seasons between 2008 and 2014. The new series also focuses on a gang of bikers, only in Mayan homonyms, formed mainly by Mexican Americans, who in the original series they started to be rivals of the protagonists, today they end up becoming allies. And despite being the focus of the new series, the gang is not necessarily a model, involved in a series of criminal activities in the fictional border town of Santa Padre.

"It's a reality that we see in Latin America, people who do not choose the right way to live their lives, because that's the only reality they know, but the interesting thing about this series is that it also delves into what, before, how you get there to this situation, "says the Venezuelan actress Carla Baratta (28), who plays Adelita, a woman who suffered the loss of her family at the hands of a cartel, and now seeks revenge. "They are not good or bad characters, but the circumstances in which they live make them who they are. You can not say they are bad, because at the end of the day these characters just want to protect their own," he adds.

Inspiration Venezuelan

In Chile, the series premieres this Friday at 11:45 a.m. by Fox Premium, with its first full cycle available the same day on the Fox App. "It is a miracle that this series has been created.

Not only 90% of the cast is Latino, but also a good part of the production team, from writers to directors. It's not just a project that aims to make Latinos politically correct, but their soul is Latin. It's a series of and for Latinos, "says the actress.

Baratta, who with the series has his first role in American TV, tells that he took possession of what is lived in his native Venezuela to shape the character. "When I had to audition, big student protests were going on in Venezuela and there were already about 100 people dead. And often an actress connects with the characters through a feeling, and in that case was the loss," he explains.

On whether it is necessary to keep up with Sons of anarchy to accompany Mayans MC, the actress says that "works for both audiences," but "yes, there are details for followers of the previous series that are a special factor. these fans will fill their hearts. "


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