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The growing clash between Riot Games, League of Legends creators and their employees could pay off with a massive strike

The recent confrontation between Riot Gamesknown for creating League of Legends, and their officials seem to have come to an unsustainable situation, or at least that's what the latest reports say about it.

It all started last year, when voices denounced sexism which permeated the culture of the company. A fire that Riot herself was tasked with stirring up when it was discovered that to prevent many of her employees take legal action against him, they had to sign a series of private arbitration clauses who denied the possibility of appealing to common justice in the face of such questions.

This movement clearly detrimental by the interests of its workers, ended up exploding in their hands, opening the possibility that many of them would be launched to a strike this would greatly affect a company, to propagate the idea, which has more than 1,000 people in the model.

It is not known how many employees willing to second This stop, but according to one of them "the support goes way beyond the small group of people who are organizing this."

Rumors about organizing a strike have been getting stronger among some since the article was published in Kotaku, and although the administration has repeatedly promised that they will be more transparent in their actions, they have still not fulfilled their part. .

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Currently there are no official answer by the company in the face of the press, but there has been movement in relation to its Internal communication, with the company responsible for ensuring the diversity of the company, Angela Roseboro, acknowledging that "we know that some of our employees feel they are not being heard" and organizing a series of private meetings so they can expose their grievances – a measure that has been wrong with the instigators of the protests, who suspect it is a new attempt to cover up embarrassment and hide the problems under the rug; and the CEO of the company, Nicolo Laurent, stating the following facing its employees and also the public:

We are proud of all those comrades who fight for what they believe. We want our employees to have the opportunity to be heard, which is why we do not sit down with them today to hear their opinions and learn what they think about arbitration. We will also discuss the issue at our biweekly meeting on Thursday. Both are important meeting points for us when we discuss our current policy and hear your comments; both necessary to evaluate our procedures and our policies, including everything related to arbitration.

We will see how they work but it seems clear that the conflict will not be solved by words alone, and that it will be necessary for one of the two parties to give in if consequences that can mark both the future of the game and that of the company itself.

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