The creation of the National Authority for Integrity and Control of the Judiciary was approved | The law


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On Wednesday, the plenary session of Congress approved the proposal of the Executive Branch through which the National Authority for Integrity and Control of the Judiciary is created.

This entity will be responsible for the functional control of the judges of all instances and auxiliaries of the Judiciary, except in the case of supreme judges who will be the exclusive competence of the National Council of Justice. The parliamentary representation approved this opinion by a large majority: 83 votes in favor and 1 against.

The chairman of the Constitution Committee, Rosa Bartra, was in charge of the report, which reported that the observations and suggestions of the congressmen had been received in the great majority. The chairman of the Justice Committee, Alberto Oliva, reported a change in Article 103.3 and agreed to the final text.

After being approved in the first vote, the norm was exempted from the second vote with 84 votes. With this, the text will be sent to the Executive for its promulgation.

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It should be remembered that the project was presented in August 2018 by President Martín Vizcarra, following the announcement of several bills to reform the Judiciary in his message to the Nation on July 28.

However, it was pending for Congress to vote for the opinion of the Justice and Human Rights Commission, which proposes the creation of the National Superintendence of Integrity and Control of the Justice System, in order not to create separate national authorities for the Judiciary and the Public Prosecution Service . .


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