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The benefits of walking an hour a day, the physical exercise that Anna Kendrick keeps in shape

Her professional career started on Broadway and she was nominated for Tony when she was just 12 years old. At 18 he started in the world of cinema, and with Up in the air, a comedy with touches of drama that made with George Clooney, she received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

He reached the top with the three films Pitch perfect (Giving the grade), where he showed us not only that he acts, but also that he sings and dances. In 2018 he starred alongside Blake Lively a comic thriller, A little favor, and this year he triumphed on HBO with a romantic series, Love life, that we fall in love.

Anna Kendrick is an overwhelming woman who loves to try new exercises to stay in shape. She tried yoga, Pilates or running and found walking to be the ideal exercise for her at this point in your life.

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The benefits of a brisk walk

As stated in a magazine, walks help you to “get better ideas” and clear your mind. Quick hikes, especially in mountainous areas with level climbs and descents, they have countless benefits. The first is that it keeps us active and is an exercise that is totally accessible to everyone. You don’t need extra material, just proper shoes and a lot of desire.

Like any aerobic exercise, fast walks start by having benefits on your cardiovascular health– Activates blood circulation, improves lung capacity and improves blood pressure, for example.

Further, decreases the risk of diabetes, improves cholesterol levels and is an excellent exercise not only for the legs and buttocks, the main beneficiaries of this type of exercise, but also for the arms (which can accompany us in the movement to increase caloric expenditure) and to the center and specifically the abdomen, which is also involved in walking.

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This activity, much less harmful than running, will allow us according to Vitónica experts “Do aerobic exercise more safely and sustainably over time.”

In the case of Anna Kendrick, she performs this activity in a mountainous area of ​​Los Angeles, close to where she lives. Doing the activity in the middle of nature can have a very positive impact on anxiety, depression or stress, according to this study. Any sport practice helps us to release endorphins and with walking we will also achieve this effect.

Walking can be a good workout: some guidelines to remember to get the most out of it

Walk helps us to activate the metabolism, to increase the burning of calories And, as we have already explained, it helps us to prevent many diseases derived from sedentary lifestyle. The key, according to Vitónica experts, to turn this activity into a habit, is to gradually increase the intensity, both in time and in the speed of the strides. Walk at least half an hour a day it’s essential everyday.

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Including obstacles will improve results, helping to burn more calories and activate more muscles. Walks in the countryside or in mountainous areas with different levels of slopes are much more effective. If we walk through the city, don’t run away from the slopes or stairs.

An easy exercise available to everyone with far more benefits than it may seem, and that keeps Anna Kendrick in shape by practicing a simple aerobic exercise.

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