"The artist of the year": Daniela Darcourt and Pedro Loli leave everything on track | VIDEO The trade | TV | Television


Daniela Darcourt and Pedro Loli are condemned in the program "The perfect pair", the new season of "The artist of the year"And since they got on set they showed a lot of attitude.

In a phase where everything is played through the whole, Pedro Loli and Daniela Darcourt They indicated that they hope to remain together at the gala, but that they assume what it means to be in a competition.

The challenge of Daniela Darcourt and Pedro Loli It was awarded by Ethel Pozo and Yaco Eskenazi. Both chose for the participants the song "Not worth to fall in love" with Johnny Rivera and Ray SepĂșlveda.

The couple was dazzled to interpret the salsa with its performance and vocal record. Both received applause from the audience at the end of their presentation.

For its part, the jury noted that the interpretation of Daniela Darcourt and Pedro Loli It was great and they definitely make an unmatched pair.



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