The 3-month campaign to improve PUBG concludes


PUBG Corp. decided to listen to the PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLES to solve various errors and improve the overall experience of the game. That's why he prepared the 3-month Fix PUBG campaign. The improvement process was over and the company talked about the results.

Through Steam forums, Taeseok Jang, executive producer of the game, explained that they prioritized several areas of improvement and allocated all their resources in this task. In this way, the company made adjustments for a better gaming experience, such as optimizing client and server performance.

Developers place special emphasis on lowering traps, an improved system for creating startups, and resolving various community-reported bugs. The company accepted that the optimization changes were few, but had a positive impact. This is reflected in a higher frame rate per second, despite the activation of various effects and animations simultaneously.

Creatives will work harder to solve issues that have come up with the recent changes in the game. In addition, the operation of the servers has been optimized, which is why they are busy maintaining sync rates and data.

As for matchmaking, the stable environment based on ping was highlighted, as well as fair games for players of all levels. The team worked to reduce wait times in all regions. Despite this, there are still things to improve, PUBG It lends itself to many variables that should be studied.

The company now contemplates a review of the user interface in matchmaking. This gives players access to more useful information to organize their games. Optimizations will be accompanied by technical support issues.

With Fix PUBG, they have also created and implemented new countermeasures to preserve the best gaming experience. In the same way, they ended up with a large number of errors and improved their quality control.

The company revealed that the development of the version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will parallel the game for PC. They also announced that in 2019 they will have a new development focus, which will be based on the quality of creating new content.

"Initially, this is likely to slow the pace of development, but as these processes become more proficient, we expect to deliver new content as quickly as before, while maintaining our new goal of stability and quality. it will take, we promise that we will do everything possible to reach this stage as soon as possible, "the company wrote.

PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLES is available for now for Xbox One and PC. It will hit the PlayStation 4 in December. Visit this link to know more about it.


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