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The 2018 Game Awards | Meet the 6 titles named "Game of the Year"

The 2018 Game Awards He has already presented his full list of nominees to celebrate the best of this year's video games. In the biggest categories, there are 6 titles that will be played the title of Best Game of the Year or GOTY.

In this short list, we have named the best resources of each of them:

Red Dead Redemption 2


The open world of Rockstar Games He won the most applause throughout the year due to his great graphics and gameplay. The sequel to the Old West features a cowboy plot: we are in America in 1899.

The possibility of performing missions in a world in which the details have been milimetrically perfected with complete freedom has almost become a masterpiece. The specialized media has given you up to 10 stars in its rating and highlights the excellent work of its creator. The strongest candidate.

The Marvel Spider-Man


The work of Insomniac Games It elevated the world of superheroes to another level. Great graphic work with a full story of freedoms plus comics and movies The Marvel Spider-Man exponentially increase the experience of a franchise fan. There are some weaknesses, but the feeling of being able to fly all over New York with the cobwebs to complete the 30-hour game will give you an incredible feeling.

God of War


Kratos returns to the cargo with a carousel of feelings in one of the best narratives of the franchise. Santa Monica He knew how to balance gameplay, plot and graphics to show us a video game that easily stands out as the best of all God of War. This game reinvents the saga and gives us an open world that gives us the feeling of to go wherever we want.

Assassin Creed Odyssey


Kassandra and Alexios take the biggest Assassin's Creed by surprise to this day in size, hours and missions. The video game of Ubisoft it does not save on any aspect and gives us this freedom present in the open world to be able to develop in the way that we want. The game is well achieved in graphics, although it has not made a significant leap in Origins.

Monster Hunter: World


First for consoles and then for computers Monster Hunter: World Achieves a perfect synchrony between the original saga and the current demands of open-world games to become the most successful videogame in Capcom in all its history (on top of Resident Evil or Devil May Cry). Unlike other games, this title is based on multiplayer and continues to be one of the busiest platforms, such as Steam. The cooperation in so-called attacks will make you feel in a real world of monsters.



The biggest surprise for many is Heavenly, but if you had given the necessary interest since its launch, you would know that it is one of the best independent games released this year. The platform gives us an amazing 2D animation with retro airs with a more interesting story: a little girl named Madeline will have to climb a mountain that will give her inner peace and show her her true self; however, he will have to fight his worst internal demons on a dangerous path full of traps. The ease of finding this game on all platforms is very useful because it will be those games that will hook you from start to finish. It is the least likely to win, but being among the nominees shows us how great it can be. Heavenly and independent studies.

Have you played any of these titles? Who should use GOTY this year?

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