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The 10 best apps to read PDF on Android and iOS

This is the best selection of PDF readers for mobile devices.

Subscriptions for view PDF documents They are among the most useful and functional that you can have on your smartphone. Whether you use them to read your favorite books or view a school or office file or document, one of these apps should never be missing on your phone, but, How do you know which is the best?

At UrbanTechno we will facilitate this work, as we meet for you the top 10 apps for viewing PDF documents on Android and iOS, based on the functions they offer to perform certain tasks and their particular characteristics. So you can’t stop reading this article.

WPS Office

Multifunctional and efficient, two words that sum up the operation of this app very well. In other words, the WPS Office is an all-in-one tool, because it allows you to open and edit Word, PDF, PPT documents and even convert them to multiple formats, in addition to exporting, compressing and printing files, all without leaving the application.

Its interface is quite simple, the application is very easy to use and it also has an extensive menu of tools that will surely fulfill almost all the tasks that you have to do. Your download is free, although it has a paid version that offers many other features.

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Adobe acrobat reader

This is one of the applications in Adobe’s extensive catalog and, as expected, works exceptionally. Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to view and write notes on documents quickly and easily, as well as fill and sign files in PDF formats.

You can have it all your files and tasks in the same place, And as if that weren’t enough, it will allow you to back them up in the cloud or share them via major email or messaging applications. The free version of the application is quite complete, however, it has a premium version that puts many more tools at your disposal.

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This is one of the best and most comprehensive PDF document readers available and can also function as a scanner. Comes with a wide variety of useful functions which include importing and reading PDF files, scanning documents, PDS annotations and the ability to share files with anyone else.

The use of the app is free, but if you want to use the premium features, you will have to pay a subscription to get them. But if what you’re looking for is a good PDF reader with basic functions, you won’t have to spend a dime.

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This is another excellent PDF viewer very popular with Android users and Apple devices. Within this application, you can view, fill and send documents in PDF format without interruptions in the process, in addition to being very functional and easy to use. But its most promoted tool is the ability to make electronic signatures for your documents.

The application is intended for commercial and business use and has over 5 million downloads until the date. Like other apps of its kind, it has a free version with basic functions, although quite complete, and a premium version with additional tools.

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PDF Viewer Pro

It is one of the apps to read PDF more downloaded and better analyzed of users. PDF Viewer Pro is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows and offers several features that can literally be in the palm of your hand.

Among its main functions are PDF reading, Visualization, editing and the possibility to annotate your documents, create, fill and sign files, convert PDF documents to other formats (Word, PT, Excel, HTML, TXT, JPG, PNG, GIF, TAG, among others) and compress and export documents. Definitely one of the most complete options on the list.

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Foxit PDF Reader

If you want to create, edit or read PDF documents, this application does the job very well. As a multilingual file viewer, it is capable of loading documents in a short time and supporting them in a small size, which is certainly a great feature, as it works efficiently despite using little memory. Not only is it an excellent mobile app, but it is also is integrated into the main browsers like Firefox and Opera, using plug-ins.

It also offers a player that allows you to play multimedia files, as well as multiple tools for annotating, searching and selecting text, filling and scrolling automatically. Includes strict security options to protect your documents, and it also works as a scanner.

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It is a multiplatform PDF reader that is available for Android, iOS and Windows, which means it has great operational support. Among its main functions are the view Word and PDF files, as well as spreadsheets and presentations.

Its tools are very useful and although it is mainly intended for users with a business profile, it can be used by anyone who wants to make the most of it. It has a free version and you can get the premium version by paying an annual subscription.

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PDF Xodo

Xodo PDF is a very complete and dynamic tool that allows you to view documents and add notes, as well as make freehand edits in add strokes and shapes. It has different reading modes, to view files on one or two pages and in continuous mode, which is ideal for organizing texts quickly and fluidly.

It stands out for having a simple interface, being able to work several files simultaneously. Finally, it offers file backup using Xodo Connect, a cloud service this will allow you to work together with other users in real time, while sharing documents. Best of all, the app is completely free, with no annoying ads or advertisements.

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Google Play Books

Google is mandatory on almost every app list, and this time it’s no exception. This application is one of the most famous of its kind, as it is a platform that allows reading electronic books and has a very functional library. Using this application, you can upload your documents to the Play Books library, for access them from any device.

Includes features such as navigation and quick content search, the ability to change the text size, underline, an embedded dictionary, and a menu of ready-made tools to streamline the display of books, novels and texts in general.

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To finish this compilation, we have MuPDF which is a fantastic application that offers a simple and intuitive interface. It supports PDF, XPS and Epub files, as well as basic functions such as taking notes, allowing electronic signatures, as well as browsing and extracting text.

Therefore, if you are looking for just an application with basic functions, we invite you to try it out. Downloading the app is free, so you have no excuse not to try it out.

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