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The ex-judge's active extradition hearing ended César Hinostroza Pariachi. The First Transitory Criminal Chamber of the Federal Supreme Court has announced that it will decide within 24 hours.

The time has come. The request for extradition against the former Supreme Judge, César Hinostroza , will be evaluated today in public hearing by the First Criminal Chamber Supreme Court presided over by Judge José Luis Lecaros Cornejo.

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am in Room 328 of the Justice Palace, which will be composed of Manuel Quintanilla Chacón, Jorge Castañeda Espinoza, Estela Pacheco Huancas and Aníbal Bermejo Ríos.

The lawyer Beloved Encoappointed an ad hoc prosecutor to represent the Peruvian State in the extradition of César HinostrozaHe said he was certain that the Supreme Court would declare this request as appropriate.

"This is the first step and is one of the most important, with the approval of the Supreme Court, the extradition request, the process begins, and tomorrow we have a hearing at 9 am. Arguments, evidence and meeting the requirements of the request , the Supreme Court declares appropriate, "he said in" success. "

He clarified, however, that the extradition process is not simple or "so short", since it is subject to the responses of the authorities involved in Spain and Peru.

In this sense, Beloved Enco It is estimated that the extradition of Hinostroza Pariachi It would take at least a year to become effective, but he highlighted his optimism in the end result of this process.

"It is important to mention that between Peru and Spain we not only have an extradition treaty, but it works very well, we have experiences of active and passive extradition between the two countries so that it also pays for the state," he said.

– Preventive detention

This Monday will also be the hearing of an appeal against the preliminary injunction of 36 months of preventive detention against César Hinostroza.

The session will be held at 8:30 am in the Special Criminal Chamber of the Federal Supreme Court, composed of judges Jorge Luis Salas Arenas, José Neyra Flores and Iván Guerrero López.

The appeal was made after the decision of Judge Hugo Núñez Julca, head of the Supreme Court of Investigation, which issued an order of 36 months of preventive custody against Hinostroza.


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