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Xbox One and Steam cease to be the exclusive platforms of PUBG and Path of Exile, as these titles can reach the PS4 in the coming weeks. Put, a free game created by Grinding Gear Games has confirmed in a trailer its arrival to the console of Sony, while Battlefields of PlayerUnknown I would also follow in his footsteps.

Path of Exile is a free RPG action adventure inspired by Diablo. The user can choose between 7 character classes, make their own weapons, improve them, reform them and create their own abilities.

The creation of Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile, would arrive in the month of December to Playstation 4; however, there is still no specific date for its release on the Sony console. This release will include an update for the 3.5.0 patch and a free expansion that will also come to the PC from Steam.

On the other hand, PUBG, the title of Bluehole that popularized the battle royale genre in the world, would also cease to be exclusive to Xbox one, because his first birthday on the Microsoft platform would celebrate announcing his release on PS4.

This was something expected, since in the month of September, Battlefields of PlayerUnknown been registered in Korea in the age rating system for Playstation 4. Process through which all titles pass before being released on PS4.

In addition, a PSN Profiles user has discovered that PlayStation servers have a hidden icon and background image for PUBG. To all this it is added that the European and American PlayStation Store already has its own reserved identifiers to acquire the game.


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