Stan Lee: cast of "The Big Bang Theory" says goodbye to Marvel genius [FOTOS]


"The Big Bang Theory" is not a comic book series, but its characters feel a great attachment to them. That's why the participation of Stan Lee in one of his episodes meant one of the great moments of this fiction.

Before his frantic departure, the actors who are part of the cast of this series of CBS They spoke through their social networks to give the final farewell to the creator of characters like Spider-Man, The Strange Doctor, X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Avengers, among others.

Kaley Cuoco remembered with great affection the brilliant mind of Wonderful. "I'm very sad to hear this. Stan Lee gone. He left his magnificent image in our program in many ways and we are eternally grateful, "said the interpreter. Penny.

Johnny Galeckiactor who gives life to Leonard Hofstadter, published a photograph of the writer's visit to the set of "Big Bang Theory"" Thank you for everything you gave the world, among other things, your incredible sense of humor and the unsurpassed lust of life. Was a pleasure to meet you. We've already missed you, "he wrote.

Mayim Bialikwho plays Ammy Farrah FowlerHe said, "What a loss to the geek world, nerds, superheroes and all of us who enjoy the universes of Marvel that Stan Lee modulated to allow us to be part of them," he said.

Stan Lee He suffered from various health problems because of his old age. He passed away at the age of 95, leaving a great legacy in the world of comics and superheroes.


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